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    How a girl lost —and found—the horse she loved


    The mare was tall and spirited and a joy to behold, galloping across the pasture with her head high, lithe and fast and fearless.

    A dark bay, nearly black, with a dramatic white blaze on her forehead, everyone thought Burma—the diva of the barn—was a beauty.

    But, though friendly and affectionate, the 6-year-old thoroughbred was practically impossible to handle. High-strung and feisty, she swayed impatiently in her stall, chewed the wooden doors, got tangled in her harness, stuck her nose into any box or bucket she could find. She had proved hopeless on the track, despite having a distant blood connection to the great racehorse Man o' War. She had ugly feet that required special shoes, and an alarming tendency to colic.

    To 16-year-old Megan Chance, she was perfect.

    "This is the horse I want," she announced jubilantly in 1998, after riding Burma for the first time at a New Jersey stable.

    Her parents were uneasy, urging her to consider a quieter, more manageable mount. But Megan was sure. A tall girl who spent every free minute at the stables—grooming, riding, mucking out stalls, giving lessons—she wanted a big horse with a big personality, one that demanded attention and care, one that would truly test her ability as a horsewoman and trainer.

    Her parents relented. And Burma was hers.

    The rest of the story at link.....

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    I liked the story, but I wish they had been able to taken Burma's best pal Anna as well.

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    Wow what a sad story for that horse. At least it has a very happy ending.

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    Steely, you'd be surprised at what horses can go through, or be put through, in the course of their lives.

    I have no idea of Ladybug's history; I don't actually want to know. For me, it's enough to see her happy and healthy and running around at the barn. That's enough.

    This story is beautiful, and yes, while I wish Anna could have come, I am glad to see Burma and Megan reunited. I wish them both long, happy, lovely lives.

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