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    OH - Columbus, WhtMale 951UMOH, 30-50, near Scioto River, Mar'06

    I couldn't find a prior posting for this. If so, then Mods please delete.


    Unidentified Male
    Found: March 30, 2006
    Age: 30-50
    Race: White
    Height: 5'6"
    Probable year of death: 2005-2006
    Hair: brown 3" long, mustache
    Poorly healed fracture of cheek
    2 white Converse socks
    Missing 2 front teeth (DoeNetwork doesn't say post mortem loss, but Namus does)

    Body found in Scioto river. Cause of death is unknown.

    Amos Mortier
    Bradley Ross

    Possible?? Dull Meredith.

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    They look similar IMO, particularly if the hair in the upper sketch is accurate, except that John Doe's eyes seem to be higher up than the missing person's. Some problems I see are that the UID is estimated to be 6 inches shorter than Meredith Dull (65 vs 71 inches) and if it's correct that the front teeth of the UID were lost postmortem then it's not Mr. Dull who had lost his front teeth before going missing.

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    It's not Meredith, Charley Project lists his case as resolved. His remains were identified in 2013. The Namus link for the UID is still up.

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    Randy Dewayne Williams

    Missing from Michigan

    Is the same height as the UID

    Has 2 missing teeth

    Although he is described to have graying red hair... Could it have been mistaken for brown?


    Kenneth Wayne Moss

    Went missing from Arkansas, which isn't too far away from Ohio.

    Is 5'8'', so slightly taller than the UID, but considering it's just an estimate, I wouldn't rule it out.


    Timothy Eugene Fisher

    Missing from Columbus

    Is taller than the UID (5'10), so that could be a problem.

    His hair is also listed as blond, but the picture makes it look more brown, so I don't know...


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    Daniel Standifer? NamUS # 1125

    Mentions a previously fractured jaw

    Last seen in 1995 at age 41, putting him at 52 in 2006

    65 inches tall which is approx on point. Was wearing converse shoes when he went missing ( I realize it is converse socks but shows he prefers the brand)

    ETA: although it appears Daniel had a couple of tattoos. Darn!
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    Jesse Cross? NamUS #19258

    Height is 5'6 to 5'8
    Missing since Jan 6, 2006
    26 to 34 years old
    Last seen with long hair and a mustache/goatee
    Damaged JAW from previous car accident

    BUT he also has tattoos. Darn everyone that I'm finding that has a jaw issue has tattoo(s)

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    What do you think of this UID possibly being Todd Beeching?


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