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Poll: What happened to Lisa Irwin?

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    What happened to Lisa Irwin?

    What do you think happened to precious baby Lisa Irwin?

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    I voted an accident and people helped in a cover up.
    JMOO drunk adults, unsupervised children............
    Kyron, HALEIGH, ADJI & Gabriel NEEDS PRAYERS NOW TO FIND THEM!. Zahra & Jonathan in heaven
    Justice for Hailey!!!!
    No Justice for Caylee Marie..........

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    I ALMOST voted 'on the fence' because I still have some concerns about the various cast members in the neighborhood. But when it comes right down to it, I cannot imagine that one of them would not have been discovered as guilty already. So having her die by accident at home makes the most logical sense.
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    Because I don't like to deem someone guilty or innocent w/o some real facts to back it up, I'm still on the fence leaning toward SODDI
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    I voted that there was an accident in the home. I believe that the accident happened either Sunday night after the party or Monday morning. I think that this involved both parents either overdosing Lisa, or by neglect with Lisa in the bathtub. My thoughts are that the entire evening of DB drinking and JI coming home to find a missing Lisa was all staged. I think that JI disposed of Lisa's body either Sunday night/early morning, before it got light outside or, if it happened Monday, that he disposed of her body on a break from work or right after he got off work, before he came home to report her missing. I have an entire theory, but this is the gist of it.

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    I voted accident in the home-Overdosing or shaken baby-I believe DB found her at 1030 when she went in.I believe DB never went to bed that night and from 1030 on the coverup took place.

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    I don't know where to post this.
    But I have an idea...
    Are there any manholes in the streets of the Bradley/Irwin neighborhood?
    Could a child be placed in one of these?
    A shot in the dark...but thought it is worth a try since this case has seemed to come to a standstill.

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    I voted accident in the home by parents. It could be either one or both of them. Also I think the drinking by DB was because of the accident and guilt/freight reaction to it.

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    - I do NOT believe an "intruder" took Lisa ...

    - I do NOT believe there was an "accident" ...

    IF there was an accident, WHY didn't the parent(s) call 9-1-1 ?

    JMO ... but Deborah knows EXACTLY what happened to Lisa ... it's high time that she start talking ...

    MOO ...
    JMSSO = Just My Super Secret Opinion

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    IMO I think that it is going to turn out like the "Stafford" case and that the baby was taken for nefarious reasons; and the parents are not involved and police know who did it but are trying to nab a second person involved. In Stafford case I recall LE already had one suspect under wraps on unrelated charge while investigating a second suspect.

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    Jeremy....or .... not

    I always go back to Jeremy having someone take Lisa. Then I see Deb either drunk, or using being drunk as an excuse not to remember anything. No one heard her crying all the hours that she was said to be missing, unless the boys did, but DB never mentioned it, just "clicking".....


    Thanks for starting this thread Kimster - I pray we can keep it alive until there's resolution

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    Considering all the sightings by (people (unknown to each other) reporting the same individual in white carrying a baby and the times and areas seen... not to mention the phone call to "Jersey's Ex" from one of the stolen phones. They said it was a bald man and it was reported by the Ex-gf that he had shaved his head the night before. Also, the direction of travel through a neighbors yard... the same yard that Jersey was caretaking while the owners were away, as well as, route that he took (that she also reported that he would take) thru fields and over a fence. The fire set in the dumpster right after Lisa was taken and Jersey had been charged with being a fire-bug a few weeks prior to that night. The LE going to Lisa's immediate neighbors with his picture asking if people had seen him around there that night. Him being arrested as soon as they found him... for parole violation. MOO!

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    I'm on the fence, but still lean towards the parent's innocence and if they are innocent, I believe the guilty party is someone known to the family or neighborhood, but not necessarily close.
    Best case scenario, that person had a connection to someone willing to pay for a baby and Lisa is happy and healthy.
    And then we all know the worst case scenario.
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    I voted accident in the home...

    I can't imagine why the parents would stop talking if they are truly innocent...

    Knowing you put yourself out there to LE so they can exclude you and move on...but since the parents aren't cooperating, I believe they know exactly what happened to Lisa...and I believe she came to her demise in that home..could be a bath, given too much meds but whatever it is, Deborah is the one responsible...How odd this night would be the first night Jeremy worked in the wee hours of the morning..but he too looks like he knows exactly what happened and is covering for his wife...
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    Here and Now

    What I think happened to Baby Lisa

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimster View Post
    What do you think happened to precious baby Lisa Irwin?
    I think Lisa died the days before the accident. I think she died due to negligence or some other such accident due to poor supervision of young kids and pets.

    From the first minute I saw the famous "box of wine" buying video /film shoot I have believed the entire evening's agenda was to do a "better than adequate " job covering things up.

    if I had committed a crime, I would enlist the best criminals I know -to help me cover my tracks. These would people who maybe had lawyers and or already had been in jail etc... I believe the entire group ( people we here and media have had eyes on in this case) had a part to play in the complex and orchestrated cover up script.

    I think they had days and days possibly- the trip to the land fill earlier ? ( I just moved and tossed and threw and gave away thousands of pounds and I never ever once went to a landfill - justsayin )

    And I have never been able to release the image of D famous hunting trip in the midst of the most significant early days of Lisa's "disappearance" IMHO baby Lisa and the phones are somewhere in the woods where he went hunting- and the rest - the window- the wandering bald fellow with a baby doll- and the dumpster fire are all smoke and mirrors.

    I think everyone (there in kc) is guilty of their small part in the crime and cover up but enough Evidence is so diffused and scattered that none will stick - until they find her body and the phones. ( god willing)

    Those phones would be key evidence.

    Sad on so many counts.

    Poor baby Lisa ! poor victims of real kidnappings who may have been able to be recovered and saved but for the wasted resources of LE etc

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