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    Geocaching game causes Disneyland 3-hour lockdown

    File under, "The terrorists have won!"

    Disneyland shut down for three hours after anonymous well-wisher hides
    'spiritual message of goodwill' scroll in tree and sparks security alert
    (Daily Mail)
    A scroll containing a peaceful message sparked a three hour lock down at Disneyland after the bomb squad was called in to investigate the 'suspicious package'.

    An anonymous well-wisher had hidden the 'spiritual message of goodwill' in a tree near the front gates of the Los Angeles theme park on Saturday just hours before it was spotted and reported as suspicious.
    So....just sort of out of the blue, this thing was?
    A similar security alert had closed the park last year when staff reported seeing a cylindrical object in Downtown Disney, which later turned out to be the hidden treasure in a game.

    Police initially thought the item found on Saturday was part of the same game, a high tech adventure called geocaching in which people use gps to find containers filled with goodies.
    more, with obligatory Disneyland photos, at link above

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    I've always wanted to try Geocaching, But why all the pictures its more like an advert for Disney then a news story.
    Staffies They're Softer Than You Think

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    i love geocaching....i've always worried that someone would think i'm suspicious when hiding/searching for urban caches...lol

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere

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