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    FL - Southport, WhtFem 150UFFL, 21-35, in Warren Bayou, poss. Czech, May'96

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 150UFFL
    NamUs UP Case 1111 https://identifyus.org/en/cases/1111

    Reconstruction of Victim

    Unidentified White Female

    Located on May 30, 1996 in Southport, Bay County, Florida.
    Cause of death was homicide.
    Estimated date of death was April 20, 1996.

    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 25 - 40
    Approximate Height and Weight: 5'6" - 5'9"
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Small build. Shoulder-length wavy light brown hair with blonde highlights; 12 inches long. She suffered some injuries, fractured ribs, a leg and knee injury and a broken nose, more than a year before she died. These injuries may have been from an auto accident.
    Dentals: She had some dental work performed. There was nothing unique about the dental work that would point authorities to a specific region. She had all of her front teeth, but was missing a right lower tooth and her upper wisdom teeth. She also may have been missing two molars.
    Clothing: A blue or bluish-green pullover sweatshirt with a Laguna logo on the front and an L.A. Gear red and white striped sports bra. She was also wearing a 7-inch, gold-plated bracelet on her left wrist. The bracelet, which was about 2½ inches in diameter, indicates that the woman probably had a small build.
    Other: Some speculation has been made to whether this victim is an immigrant from Czechoslovakia.

    Case History

    The woman, known only as Jane Doe 96, was found murdered in the tall reeds of the backwaters of Warren Bayou on May 30, 1996 at 11:00. She was raped and killed on a dirt road near the Steam Plant canal six weeks before her discovery. Her remains were so deteriorated that it made identification impossible, but there were 2 complete fingerprints and a partial one that were able to be obtained.

    She was last seen alive leaving Tan Fannie's, a topless bar, on Beck Avenue the night of April 20, 1996 with a man who was convicted of her murder, Billy Frank Hansen. Investigators have reason to believe that the woman tried to contact a friend at an apartment on Beck Avenue the night she allegedly was killed, but that person has not been located or identified as of this date.

    Hansen said he and a friend were out drinking at Tan Fannie's topless bar on Beck Avenue when they met the victim. Hansen said he and his friend arrived at the bar around 22.00 and left around 3:30. He said that the woman asked for a ride home, but was so drunk that she didn't notice when they bypassed it. Hansen's friend was driving and Hansen sat in back. The woman sat in front, Hansen said. His friend said that the woman told Hansen that she would have sex with him, but then she demanded money.

    Hansen is serving 21.8 years of prison time for the second-degree murder of this woman.
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    This is probably not a match, but she looks so much like the reconstruction that I figured that I would put it up.

    She was just added today to NamUs:

    Leah Denise Calabrese

    I am a bit doubtful because there is a 3 1/2 year lag, and there's no mentioned connection to Czechoslovakia. I wonder why they think she was from Czechoslovakia. Perhaps she spoke with an accent?

    But her height is right, she has a small build, and there is a Florida connection.
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    More info about Leah Calabrese from the Winter Garden PD.

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    I think this is worth checking out....maybe at least we can find out more about this possible Czech angle if it's not Calabrese.

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