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    CA - Identical twin sisters, 73, found dead together in their South Tahoe home

    Appears to be from natural causes.

    Twin sisters, 73, found dead together in CA home (AP)
    When they were young, Patricia and Joan Miller sang and danced for Bing Crosby, troops and their friends.

    But as the identical twins grew older, they became less interested in socializing. When people called, the sisters came up with excuses to get off the phone. Without explanation, they stopped sending birthday cards to a childhood friend. And on the rare occasion that they left their home, the two women didn't chat up the neighbors.

    Never married and without children or pets, the Miller sisters withdrew into their small, two-story home in California's South Lake Tahoe, where they were found dead last week at age 73, one in a downstairs bedroom, and the other in the hallway just outside.

    It was as if the two sisters, long each other's only companion, could not live without each other, said Detective Matt Harwood with the El Dorado County sheriff's office.
    the rest of an excellent article at link above
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    You're so right--the article was really good! I wonder if they both developed some type of dementia over the past couple of years (maybe why they stopped sending the birthday cards to the friend).

    I just hope the 2nd twin didn't have a prolonged period of distress before she passed away. It must have been really hard.

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    My dad was an identical twin. He and my uncle looked exactly alike, especially when they were young. The twins weren't close during probably the last 20 years of my uncle's life - family disagreements, plus we lived three states away - but, when my uncle died, my dad - who was not an emotional man nor did much faze him - was absolutely wrecked. He tried to tell me what losing an identical twin meant but he couldn't, really. It was almost something beyond language.

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    I really believe its a symbiosis only another twin is capable of understanding.

    My mom and aunt were identical twins and lived with one another nearly their entire lives. (Duplex/mother in law apartment bought with her in mind.) They even worked together for a few years - my mom was a cook and my aunt a waitress. Their customers loved that they were twins. Mom & Aunt Sue were convinced they made extra tips just because they finished each other's actions, sentences, etc.

    They only spoke to one another until they were 4. They had their own language only they understood. My aunt passed away in 2000 and we were so scared we would lose my mother too. Luckily she also had a new granddaughter at that time and she poured her grief into loving my daughter. We had a blessed 6 more years with her but she was never the same. Losing her twin was like losing half of herself.

    Thanks, woofy, both for the article and letting me share my twin story.

    ETA: My mom and aunt were both cremated. We chose to have their cremains combined. It's only fitting they rest together as they were in life - never apart.

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    Well, at least they had each other.

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    So sad
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    Police trace family of reclusive twin sisters found dead at
    home (with a little help from amateur genealogists)
    (Daily Mail)
    Police investigating the mysterious deaths of a pair of reclusive twin sisters, who were television stars, have finally contacted their family after an 11-day search.

    Three relatives - a cousin and two second cousins - have come forward to tell detectives about 1950s entertainers Patricia and Joan Miller, who were found dead last month in the California home they shared for almost 40 years.
    The cousins said they had not heard from the sisters in years.

    Detective Matt Harwood, of the El Dorado County sheriff's office: 'They confirmed pretty much what everyone else told me.

    'They were pretty reclusive and no one really knows why.'
    Harwood said the sisters deserved to have their family know about their death, and he was pleased to complete that mission with help from 'people from across the country, just your Average Joe wanting to try their hand on genealogy.'

    He added: 'There's no way we could have done it without you guys in the press and literally hundreds of people just calling to help put the pieces together.'
    lengthy article, with pictures, at DM link above

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