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    CO - Commerce City - 25 year old remains found - Mar'12 - *RELIC*

    The coroner's office said in a news release that the bones had been there for "quite some time" and for forensic purposes had been classified as having been there less than 50 years.

    The bones were of one person, the office said.

    Suncor officials have been told that the bones are about 25 years old.

    I wonder if these remains have anything to do with remains found previously in that area?
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    Looks like we have lots of possibilities here

    If they were a bit older, I might want to blame them on Ted Bundy.

    Charley Project is down, so here is a list of 1980s MPs from Colorado using Doe Network

    Beverly England of Salida, CO 150 miles away

    Roger Ellison - seems unlikely since he is missing from nearly 300 miles away

    Tereasa Knuth of Frisco, CO 80 miles away

    Jon Haynes of Boulder, CO about 25 miles away

    Bryan Ambrose of Colorado Springs, about 80 miles away

    Linda Barker of CO Springs

    Victoria Sanchez of Rocky Ford, CO 170 miles away

    Yvonne Mestas, ran away with Victoria Sanchez

    Mitchell Hein if Golden, CO 18 miles away

    Douglas Meer of Boulder, CO 25 miles away

    Pamela Neal of Englewood, CO 15 miles away

    Elizabeth Miller of Idaho Springs, CO 40 miles away

    Keith Anderson of Hot Sulphur Springs, CO about 100 miles away

    Christopher Harvey of Pagosa Springs, CO, nearly 300 miles away

    Jennifer Douglas of Denver, CO 7 miles away

    Jonelle Matthews of Greeley, CO 50 miles away

    Amadeo Vigil of Pueblo, CO 120 miles away

    Robert Bowling of Parker, CO 30 miles away
    seems unlikely as Robert went missing as an infant

    Penny McClees of Aurora, CO 11 miles away

    Christopher Abeyta of Colorado Springs
    Missing as an infant, seems unlikely

    Ray Collins of Salida, CO 150 miles away

    Fabian Del Rosario of Boulder, CO

    Rocio Sperry of Colorado Springs, CO

    Keith Reinhard of Silver Plume, CO 50 miles away

    Anthony Moya of Lakewood, CO 15 miles away
    missing as a child

    Richard Meyer of Boulder, CO

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    This news clip says that the remains have been there for more than 10 years, but less than 50 years. This would refute the theory that the remains are from an ancient burial site.

    They were also inside the gates of the refinery, which has been there since 1938, so I doubt that they were left by someone like Bundy. It seems that the body would have had to have been left there by someone who was authorized to be on the property.

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    They were ancient remains:
    In a news release today, the coroner's office said the remains "are archaeological, likely Native remains." It said the location of the remains was a "secondary internment."

    Read more: Human bones found at Suncor refinery are "archaeological" remains - The Denver Post
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