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    PA - Sexual Assault in Broad Daylight After School

    A teen girl told police she was sexually assaulted just blocks from her own home on her way home from school.

    Police are looking for two male teens. Young lady was pulled into an alley.


    Bringing in my wash as my neighbor and I talked the cops sped by. Then we're like "What's up with this helicopter?" Now I am guessing it was for this poor kid. No accident was reported so I doubt it was cars, but sadly a sexual assault.

    Forgive me, but I seriously hate some people and am starting to seriously hate this place.

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    The article may have been updated since you last read it.

    It sounds like now, the witness is saying she discovered the girl and the boys engaged in a sex act in public and when she and her husband went to chase them away they all ran in the same direction and only when caught did she state she was forced.

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