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    NY - Arsenal of weapons, explosives found at NY home


    GARDEN CITY, N.Y. (AP) -- A thriving crop of marijuana plants, an arsenal of guns, pipe bombs, grenades and enough explosives to potentially level an entire block were uncovered by officers investigating a report of a silent alarm, officials on Long Island announced Wednesday.

    Marc Ringel, 53, was arrested on drug, weapons and other charges after police made the discovery Tuesday at the house he shares with his parents in Woodmere, a New York City suburb, Nassau County Police Chief Steven Skrynecki said.

    He was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday, according to the district attorney's office. It was not immediately clear if Ringel had an attorney

    Skrynecki said officers were particularly concerned that the home, which he described as a "significant growhouse" for marijuana, may have been booby-trapped.

    He said approximately 50 pounds of ingredients for making explosives - including ammonium nitrate, fuel oil, peroxide, sodium nitrate and citric acid - were found in the home. Police also found approximately 100 handguns, 20 long rifles, 15 pipe bombs and 15 hand grenades in various locations around the home, he said.

    "We view him as a tremendous threat to society," Skrynecki said.

    More at link...

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    I saw this on my local news. The first reports implied that the guy was just smoking pot, and when the police went in to investigate, they found a pistol and "vietnam-era" hand grenades. My first thought, based on that, was these were bring-backs from vietnam. As the WW2 & Korean war generations pass on, its not uncommon for widows & children to discover all sorts of smuggled-back munitions. I read about a gun buy-back in LA a while ago where an elderly WW2 widow turned in 2 live grenades her late husband brought back from Germany!
    Sorry to get O/T. It seems this guy was a hard-core nutcase, and marijuana grow-houses often have electrical fires, which, considering the explosives, could have been disaterous for his neighbors.

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