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    UK - Stalking set to become a crime for first time in England, Wales

    Stalking to become a crime for the first time with offenders facing up to five years in jail (Daily Mail)
    Stalking is to become a crime for the first time, with offenders facing jail for up to five years and unlimited fines.

    After decades of debate, David Cameron will announce today [Thursday] that the Government is to change the law to protect tens of thousands of victims let down by the system.

    Currently, police must wait until suspects commit another crime – such as harassment or breaching a restraining order – before they act.

    As a result, only 2 per cent of stalkers are jailed, with the maximum sentence being six months if pursued under the Protection from Harassment Act.
    Now England and Wales is to follow the example of Scotland, where a specific offence of stalking was created in December 2010 punishable by up to five years in jail. More than 400 people were prosecuted in the first year.
    much more, with pictures, sidebar, and examples of horrid UK stalking incidents, at DM link above

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    It's about bloody time!

    There was a very good documentary on Clare's case featured on the Crime & Investigation network. She worked so, so hard to try and get help for herself.

    Real Crime: Murder At Harvey Nicks Part 1 - YouTube

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    Glad to hear it. They need to be harder on stalkers here in the US .


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