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    Shacknai Still Owns Spreckels Mansion


    March 7, 2012

    When Realtor Scott Aurich went before a city commission Wednesday to pitch restoration plans for the Spreckels mansion, the chairman, Jon Ryan asked an unusual question – “Who is the applicant?”

    Aurich acknowleged that person is Jonah Shacknai, despite the announcement in October that he had sold the residence.

    He had, but due to a prolonged escrow process, Shacknai, owner of the Arizona pharmaceuticals firm Medicis, still holds sway over the mansion, though a deal remains in place to transfer title to an investment group, 1043 Ocean Blvd. LLC.

    Aurich told the commission Coronado resident Joe Pinsonneault, a developer, is among the group members.

    The group has the right to remodel, market and sell the house while it remains in escrow. ....
    No wonder I couldn't find any county property records saying it was sold, it wasn't!

    Raises some interesting questions concerning AB and investigators trying to get access and that Jan1 deadline?

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    It appears JS has been caught in another lie. Seems like he isn't very trustworthy.

    The whole affair is nothing more than another attempt to hinder an investigation into RZ's mysterious death.

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    Shady shady dealings... glad they asked for the truth at that meeting. Nothing is what it seems with him.

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    Yes, it definitely explains why I could not locate any property records as well. The frustration the Zahau family must be feeling is unimaginable.

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    Jonah Shacknai has said little about the loss of his son and girlfriend last summer, outside of offering statements through spokespeople and briefly addressing the matter with his company's shareholders a month after the deaths at the Spreckels mansion.

    Read more: http://coronado.patch.com/articles/s...-his-boy-zahau

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    WHAT!? Geeze Louise Jonas, get it together!!! What an arrogant, vile man. Rebecca's family has suffered enough, now more lies? This news just makes me sick....
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