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    AL - Jerry Wayne Lackey, 36, Roebuck, 29 July 1985

    Jerry's Doe Network page:


    Jerry's Charley Project page:


    Jerry's NamUs page:


    Dental: NA
    DNA: NA
    Fingerprints: NA

    case report:

    Was last seen by his brother-in-law on July 29, 1985, Police found Lackey's silver 1982 Chevrolet pickup the night of his disappearance. It was located on Weaver Avenue, near Interstate 20, in St Clair County, Al. Blood hounds from St. Clair Correctional covered the area adjacent to the location of the truck with no success.
    I don't see any articles or other information for Jerry. Please feel free to add to his thread if you find any.

    Come home soon.

    Picture from Doe Network, first link in this posting.
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    Is there anyway to read the suicide note?

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