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    AL - Anthony Davis, 19, Huntsville, 10 Jan 1992

    Anthony's no discussion thread from our spotlight forum.

    AL Anthony Eugene Davis (19) - Huntsville AL, 1992 - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Anthony's Charlie Project page:


    Anthony's Doe Network page:


    I can't find a date for the following article:


    (an interview with Anthony's Mother).

    I couldn't locate any other articles, please bring any you find to his thread.

    Come home soon. Prayers for you Mother and family.

    (Picture is from Charlie Project 2nd link within this post)
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    2005 article:

    Anthony Eugene Davis was 19 years old. His mother says he was running around with the wrong crowd, dealing drugs. Which is what anthony was thought to be doing the day he wrecked a car belonging to his "Boss."

    That's when he disappeared...

    But Anthony's "Boss" isn't in prison. Neither are any of the other five passengers involved in the wreck, which was the last time Anthony Davis was ever seen.

    "Everybody wants to say they seen him walk away and that was the end of that."

    That's never been good enough for this mother. Constantly looking for clues to her son's disappearance.

    "There was no hospital record on Anthony...there wasn't any police report made on the vehicle that was wrecked."

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