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    AL - Peggy Reaves Mock, 37, Gadsen, 25 Dec 1992

    Peggy's Doe Network page:


    Peggy's Charlie Project page:


    Peggy's NamUs page:


    Dental: NA
    DNA: NA
    Fingerprints: NA

    case summary:

    On December 25, 1992, Peggy Reaves Mock was last seen in Guntersville,
    Alabama. Peggy may be in the Jacksonville, Fl area
    Archived articles:

    27 JAN 1993

    Article states: Peggy was last seen leaving Chestnut Station for the Warhorse Lounge. Peggy lived with her Mother. Peggy's computers were searched by LE. This article states her car--described as a 1983 Toyota Celica TAG # 11 AGR83 is also missing (at the time of this article)

    27 MAR 1993

    Article states: Address of Chestnut Station: 410 Chestnut St. Adress of Warhorse Lounge: 108 E. Chestnut St. (East Gadsen). Items belonging to Peggy were found on a hill near an old burned out private club called Mountain Top Club. A boy found her purse and her clothes, LE said they didn't believe those items had been up there that long on the hill.

    29 MAR 1993

    Article states: LE found Peggy's purse and some undergarments up at the old burned private club reference above. LE stated that the items seemed to have been put there after the snow that the area had gotten 2 weeks prior. LE stated that the purse looked like it had been ransacked for money. They don't know if the clothes were what she was wearing that night or if the purse had been stolen prior and not reported.

    31 MAR 1993

    Article states: An additional search turned up a pair of white boots and a bag that may have belonged to Peggy. (gives name of burned out private club as the "Old Bradford Mansion" (note: I couldn't seem to locate the rest of this article continued on page A7)

    25 DEC 1993

    Article states: Her Mother Naomi Reeves doesn't believe that Peggy left on her own. States her belongings were found at Rainbow city at old Mountaintop club. Peggy's car was found several weeks later Forest Riv(er?) Apartments. It appeared to have been wiped clean.

    Peggy mentioned in these two articles from NOV 1995



    Article from 25 DEC 1995 below:

    Article states: States Peggy left Warhorse with a man. (Car was found 2 months after her disappearance) Says the man she left with took her "back to that area" (my comment: can't determine what area they are talking about).

    I don't think Peggy is in FL. JMHO.

    Come home soon. Prayers for your family.

    Picture of Peggy from Doe Network 1st link in this post.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    ETA: I have no idea of the geography or topography of the places named. If someone has time could they please create a map if possible? Thank you!

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    Here is the continuation of the article referencing the white boot found:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    ETA: I have no idea of the geography or topography of the places named. If someone has time could they please create a map if possible? Thank you!
    I can tell you that the Gadsden area is in the foothills of the Smokies and it is where Al is becoming mountanous(sp). Beautiful but can be rugged too. It's a rural area. The interstate runs right through Gadsden(59?) up into TN and down to Birmingham. There are signs along the interstate exits for towns like Rainbow City, but they can't be seen from the interstate. Next town north of Gadsden that it runs through is Ft Payne.

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