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    OR - Nursing Asst arrested after posting pics of dying patient's buttocks on Facebook

    Multnomah County Sheriff's Offic/AP

    Nursing assistant Nai Mai Chao spent eight days in jail after being convicted for invasion of personal privacy.

    A disgraced Portland nursing assistant has been banned from Facebook and other social media sites after posting a photo of a dying patient's buttocks.

    In addition to being fired from her job, Nai Mai Chao also recently spent eight days in jail and had her nursing license revoked following a two-day trial.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/nati...#ixzz1ocNqieRE
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjw View Post
    Her name was entered into a national database that prohibits her from obtaining a nursing license anywhere else in the U.S.
    This is one screwed up woman! But the sentence I snipped above is the best thing I could read. How often do we hear that people move to other states to get away with the exact same crime over and over again.

    I hope other professions and LE take a page from this book. Especially for people who have had their own children taken away!

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    I'm having trouble getting my head round how any health professional could be so crass and stupid as to take these pictures, and then post them on her facebook page as if she'd done something big and clever. Honestly, wtf is wrong with some people?

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    I really can't imagine at what point this seemed like a good idea to her. Posting work stuff on Facebook is just incriminating yourself. The internet never forgets.

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    This really angers me! Talk about invasion of privacy- these poor patients are already helpless and dying- then to further compound it, she's taking pictures of their bodies in areas never meant to be public and posting them on the internet!!! Talk about a loss of dignity!!!
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    One could suspect that the degree in the sentencing and the mandate that prohibits her from obtaining a nursing license anywhere else in the U.S, was arrived at due to her "issues" running much deeper than just being cruel and/or stupid enough to post these pictures to facebook.

    Only a monster would get "joy" from taking pictures of their patients in their darkest hours of illness and defiantly display them with mocking comments.
    Judgment is not about destruction, but about setting things right.

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    That pic says it all.

    She has dead eyes
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    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Not surprisingly, her sister (at least, someone who purports to be her sister) has been e-mailing another site, complaining that the media exposure is unfair because "everyone makes mistakes," she supposedly "didn't TAKE the pictures," and "she didn't kill anyone." Which I suppose makes it all OK in her family's eyes. The feces picture-posting apple doesn't fall far from the feces tree, I guess.


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    It sickens me to realize there are people in this world that are beyond heartless and cruel.

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    My wife who works at a nursing home told me over the last few days they have put up multiple posters, warnings, that no pictures are allowed to be taken of residents without permission from the office staff on duty. The timing tells me that this increase in signage was a direct result of this news.
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