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    VA - Teagan Sample, 3 mos, dies at unlicensed Bristow day care, 8 March 2012


    BRISTOW, Va. (WUSA) -- Two unlicensed daycare workers were arrested and charged with child endangerment stemming from the death of a 3-month-old child on Thursday in Prince William County.

    Yolanda Gracelia Larin, 50, of Manassas and Mirna Mendez, 42, of Woodbridge are being charged with child endangerment. The death of Teagan Sample, the girl who passed away on Thursday at the daycare where they worked, is a separate instance, police said.
    More than 20 children and only 2 providers.
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    This is such a sad story. The street it happened on is one we pass multiple times daily and is about 2 minutes from our house. What amazes me is the number of people talking to the press about having their children in this daycare 'situation'. There is no way two women could care for 23 children at one time. The mom of the baby & I have a number of mutual friends. They are devastated understandably, but people here are certainly shocked at the number of parents willing to drop their most prized possessions off at an unlicensed daycare center that was understaffed- you never get a second chance in a situation like this! We live in a nice town- yet in the last year one family drywalled their children in a room while on a drug bender, a baby died after being left in the car, a 23 month old girl drowned in a bath tub while mom was home, and now this. So sad.

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    Poor baby.

    Apparently this is not uncommon as far as two adults caring for dozens of children in unlicensed daycare.

    We just had a woman who was not charged with the death of an infant running a daycare out of a rowhouse. This lady had two dozen kids in a flippin rowhouse and was helped by her spouse.

    There's a thread somewhere that I posted.


    RIP baby Teagan.

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    Here it is. Twenty five children and one woman caring for them. The spouse was mostly out of the house doing odd jobs.


    This is a travesty. In this case all the parents were on TV saying they loved this lady and the kids were happy.

    Sadly this happens alot with new immigrants. In this case it's the Brazilian community. Our rowhouses are small. I mean space alone would be a problem. They shut her down, and fined, but that's it.

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    December 2012:

    Mirna Mendez-Vasquez has charges dropped; Yolanda Gracelia Larin charges expected to be dropped


    Mirna Mendez leaves court in Manassas Tuesday a free woman, nine months after the death of 3-month-old Teagan Sample at an in-home daycare in Bristow where Mendez was working at the time.

    Mendez and her co-worker, Yolanda Larin, were watching over 23 young children at the unlicensed facility last March when Teagan was found unconscious. Both faced child endangerment charges relating to other children at the facility, but Tuesday a judge ruled Mendez was not criminally responsible for Teagan’s death.
    The married couple that owned the facility was out of the country at the time and in October pleaded guilty to eight total charges, including reckless endangerment of a child.

    But no one is going to jail and Sylvester says that only sharpens the pain for Teagan’s parents.

    “They blame themselves, as a lot of parents did that day, and they’re doing the best they can,” she says.

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