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    AZ - Bertha Beatrice Smith, 31, Phoenix, 1 June 1944

    Bertha's Charley Project page:


    I don't see a Doe Network page for her at this time, but I may have missed it.

    Bertha's NamUs page:


    Dental: NA
    DNA: inquiry underway
    Fingerprints: NA

    case report:
    Bertha Beatrice McGary was born in Texas in 1913. In 1931 she married and her name became Bertha Beatrice Dyer. She gave birth to five children. In 1942, she divorced and reportedly moved to Arizona. There, she possibly remarried to a man with the last name Smith. In 1944, she wrote a letter to family saying she was returning to Texas and was never seen or heard from again.
    I hope she is found soon.

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    Have found the names of the 5 children. Also, Bertha was born on the 13th of February 1913. Unfortunately Arizona public records are all "closed" so I can't find anything further.

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    A Beatrice McGary died in Texas in 1985, it might be the same one, I hope somebody checked.
    Beatrice Mcgary
    Texas, Death Index, 1903-2000
    death: 7 April 1985 Harris, Texas

    I've had a quick look for another woman born with the name above and can't instantly see one. If I were LE I'd look at it because I'd have a long odds guess it's her.

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