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    MD - college student charged in rampage threat


    COLLEGE PARK, Md. (AP) — A University of Maryland student has been arrested and charged with posting an Internet threat claiming he planned to go on a shooting rampage on campus hoping to kill as many people as possible.

    Campus police said in a statement that 19-year-old Alexander Song of Fulton, Md., has been identified as the person who posted on a website plans for a rampage that would "kill enough people to make it to national news." The message also warned people to "stay away from the mall." Police did not elaborate.

    Song was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after his arrest Sunday. Song, who was not armed when he was arrested, faces a misdemeanor charge of disturbing school activities.

    More at link...

    A misdemeanor....really?

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    Thank Goodness he felt like going online and warning everyone first. Idiot.
    “Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

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    You know, it is at a college age many people develop psychiatric problems. I knew an acquaintance once who was called by her son's college to come and take him home. He had developed a problem in the first 6 months of his first year of college. Another friend had to go to NY from California to pick up her daughter who'd had anorexia for many years, don't know if her mom knew it, but she was in the hospital. Her mom had to bring her back here for recovery.

    I hope this young man gets help. This could have turned into a tragedy. As another poster said, it's a good thing he put it on the internet first! We could have had another horrible incident on our hands.

    Our young people are under so much pressure to succeed. Especially in college.


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