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    WA - Violent RSO Arrested 1 Week After Release Served 22 Years

    There's no doubt that John Callahan is one of Washington State's most violent sex offenders. He just served his 22 years or so time for horrific abuse of children dating back to 1988.

    Last week his victims and the public begged for him to be kept locked up. No can do deemed the Judge.

    He was arrested at a Mission. I can't see the entire article, but I believe it has to do with not registering where he was supposed to.

    This is one sadistic creeper. He stuck his victims with pins. Shades of Albert Fish?


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    Article from last week. A psychiatric evaluation determined he is no longer a threat to children. For real?

    Victim speaks out.

    He refused treatment the entire time he was in prison.


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    Weirdly enough, i think you can turn violent offenders around 10x easier in prison than you can sexual predators / pedophiles. No matter what meds you give em, no matter how many workshops they attend, unfortunately these guys are hard wired to prey upon kids.

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    I fear seeing this same article with different names, and from MI, instead of WA.

    It does not matter how long they leave these guys in prison. They will reoffend upon release. Even though this guy hadn't re-offended yet, that they know of, he didn't register. If they don't register, to my mind, that is the same as saying that they don't want to be tracked or located, and that's just a step below reoffending.
    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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