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    MI - Detroit, BlkMale UP9963, 40-60, in vacant house, Feb'12

    Victim was found face down and unresponsive in the livingroom of a vacant dwelling on the east side of Detroit
    The address was 614 Alconquin. He had decomposed and had been gnawed by rats and estimated time of death was about 4 weeks before so it might have been taken for granted that he was unresponsive.

    Receeding hairline, black with grey on sides. White goatee. Green cloth jacket, plaid shirt and pants. Dentals to come, fingerprints unavailable, DNA not submitted. Height and weight estimates are not available.

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    Benny Hogue


    This man could have up and wanted to leave his life behind - perhaps choosing to live homeless, which happens. Perhaps this is where he ended up?

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    Willie Carswell?
    Age, height and weight are within range. Hair description (black, receding hairline, goatee) matches. Carswell is diabetic and so was the UID. He went missing 16.8 miles - 25 minutes - from where the UID was found.

    The timing is a problem since Carswell is listed as having disappeared in July, while the UID was found in February. HOWEVER, nobody is truly sure when he went missing because the assisted living facility he was in neglected to report Carswell's disappearance.

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    The UID had a recent amputation at the tarsal metatarsal joint on the right foot as there were fresh sutures present. I wonder if hospitals were contacted concerning recent amputation lists?

    I've comeup with these two possibles. Neither profile mentions amputations. As im from Australia, you will have to excuse my geographical ignorance.

    http:// http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...e_richard.html

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    Herbert White


    Age now 63 years old
    Race Black/African American
    Sex Male
    Height (inches) 70.0
    Weight (pounds) 150.0

    He has beads on in the pic, also several layers of clothes. The pic is pretty hard to compare - but I keep doing it anyway. Perhaps he ended up from NY to Detroit, maybe he hitched/walked. Maybe that's what happened to his foot?

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