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    Teacher frightens school children telling them Astroid on collision course

    Pupils were left in tears after a teacher told them that an asteroid was about to hit Earth and kill them all. The spoof announcement was designed to teach 14-year-olds the importance of seizing the day but backfired after they became visibly frightened.

    Keith Hogan, head teacher at St Matthew's RC High School in Moston, Manchester, said he regretted any distress caused to the 230 pupils.

    The head of year behind the assembly "stunt" later moved to reassure them.

    He had told the year nine students that the asteroid was on a "collision course".

    It is also believed that the students were told that they should go home and say "final farewells" to their families.

    Pupils 'reassured'

    The teacher then admitted the story was a stunt aimed at underlining the theme of the assembly - "living each day to the full".

    Head Mr Hogan said: "Obviously I regret the fact that any student was distressed by the content and delivery of the assembly.


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