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    OK - Aubrey & Laura Thomas allegedly hideously abuse adopted kids

    I've been reading this board and its links for years. This is the first story that made me so queasy I couldn't finish it. WARNING: GRAPHIC!!!!!!!!

    Even though they'd had previous foster kids removed due to abuse, they were allowed to adopt these four...whom they then allegedly tortured mercilessly.

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    $50,000.00 is not enough bail in my opinion.
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    Good Lord!

    This is absolutely intolerable. It is our mission to protect children and we will take whatever corrective action is needed to ensure this does not happen in the future.

    It should never have happened in the first place! All the children should have been removed from the start. Those poor poor kids....


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    There is a section of the population who have not evolved along with the rest of us. Just because they wear clothes and drive cars does not mean they have evolved. I call them lizard people (i.e. pedophiles, child killers and torturers, rapists, serial killers, etc.).

    The Thomas duo are clearly lizard people, and should be treated as such for the rest of their lives.

    I hope the children get the necessary counseling they will need after coming into contact with these reptiles.


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    Reading this story immediately made me ill and gave me a headache. Gah! The perps who starve children are ALWAYS obviously well fed themselves.

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    I don't even know what to say. At least the kids were rescued before they were killed, unlike that 15 y/o girl from Oregon who weighed 75 lbs.
    I wouldn't mind expanding the DP to include people convicted of crimes like this.

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    omg! No words, only disgust that people such as this are suffered to live.
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    January 2014:

    Lora Lee Thomas, 49, and Aubrey Stuart Thomas, 60, were convicted on four felony counts apiece. Jurors who spent nearly 2 1/2 hours in deliberations recommended that Lora Thomas receive four life sentences and that Aubrey Thomas receive four 40-year prison sentences for the crimes, which occurred between 2006 and 2011...

    Osage County sheriff's investigators have said Lora Thomas appeared to have used a book titled "A Child Called 'It' " as a blueprint for the abuse.
    The book, by Dave Pelzer, is an autobiographical account of what has been described as the worst child-abuse case in the history of California.

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    Original arrest warrant:
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    January 2014 -

    Now, the couple's biological son is accused of preying on the same four children...

    An affidavit says Garrett Thomas, who is now 23, was using the children for his own sexual gratification.


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    Thank you for posting all of these updates.

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