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    CA - Gerald 'Jerry' Greer, 71, Templeton, 28 March 2009

    I searched but didn't find a thread for this gentleman.

    I actually stumbled across this case on Craigslist while looking at antiques for sale and other misc. stuff. There was a post under "Items Wanted" asking for information about the murder of Jerry Lee Greer, 71, of Templeton, California (San Luis Obispo County).

    Authorities Investigating Murder Of Templeton Man (30 Mar 2009):
    Greer was found dead in his home on the 2400 block of Santa Rita Creek Rd. Saturday afternoon by relatives. According to sheriff deputies, relatives checked in on Greer after he failed to make a lunch appointment.

    The San Luis Obispo County Coroner said, Greer's death was the result of a gunshot wound to the head.
    Jerry Greer: Found dead at his Templeton home in 2009 (17 Feb 2010):
    Seven months ago, a killer crept into Greer's Templeton home and shot the 71-year-old man multiple times in the head, shoulder and neck while he slept.

    The homicide remains unsolved. No suspect has been named. No clear motive identified.


    Greer was a man of few desires who kept close ties with his family and longtime friends. He lived alone ó he had been long divorced ó and rarely traveled far from home. He didn't like change and boldly told those close to him that change is what was wrong with the country.

    He didn't trust banks and was rumored to keep a large amount of cash in his home.

    No one is sure whether that might have prompted the killer to slip in through his back door in March, but authorities say nothing was obviously out of place or stolen.
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    Multiple gunshots to head and neck, sleeping victim, nothing out of place, nothing missing - sounds personal. But it sounds like he was well-liked in the community, who could it have been?

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    From September 2012:


    Brian Greer, 45, is a sergeant at Soledad State Prison. He recalled that his father’s body was discovered on a Saturday, but sheriff’s officials did not immediately notify him or his sister of the death. Instead, he heard about the slaying when a coworker sent him a text the following Monday.

    By then, he said, investigators had already completed their forensic examination of the murder scene, and had turned the house over to the victims’ brother, Gene, the night before...

    Family problems started almost immediately, Brian said. His uncle “virtually helped himself” to Jerry Greer’s belongings, apparently allowed by deputies, and it took a subsequent court ruling for Brian and his sister to recover the goods.
    Comments on that article are interesting, too. Still unsolved as of July 2015:


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