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    Man kills self with own electric chair

    Man kills self with own electric chair

    A 74-year-old Lithuanian man apparently killed himself by using a homemade electric chair he put together, police said Tuesday. The man, who was not identified, was discovered Monday by his relatives who, concerned that they had not heard from him, broke down the door to his apartment in Kaunas, Lithuania's second-biggest city. Police said they found the man sitting in the chair, which had been rigged with wires and electrodes and was plugged into an electrical outlet in the wall.


    (I can just hear my friend Vicktor now..... "shocking!!")

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    Quote Originally Posted by Casshew

    (I can just hear my friend Vicktor now..... "shocking!!")
    That's beyond shocking. That's electrifying.
    This is my opinion, and change is good.

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    Ya'll are too funny!!!

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