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    Searchers will concentrate on Gilroy and San Martin today as they search for Sierra LaMar today. Also, there is an app you can download that could help bring her home.


    A 'QR code' has been released on many posters of LaMar that will allow you to download information about her on a smartphone. The information includes pictures of her, links to Facebook and Twitter, what to do if you see her and immediate access to Santa Clara County emergency response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 90Nine View Post
    Do you know what the building is on her home property in the back? there are several cars parked behind it and a path leading to and from the house. It's the structure behind the white gates.
    I noted the same thing and seems to be an adjacent access road, and would there would be some level to/from this and maybe someone would have seen something on that day or some unusual activity in the days prior. Also maybe a security camera?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarx View Post
    According to the Namus site she was wearing grey shoes and the text at 0711hrs was regarding meeting before school to go over some homework. Interesting.
    How can the shoes be confirmed if no one saw when she left?
    Would a pair of shoes be noted as missing so that must be wht she was wearing?

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    I apologize in advance if this has been answered already...

    Have they been able to establish the time Sierra left the house. IOW, could she have allowed a person, into her home. Was there anything out of place? Had the home been cleaned of prints?

    If she was in her home the abductor could have forced into their fantasy outfit. Then later, an accomplice picked them up at the end of the driveway? Can they determine when the phone migrated away from home?

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    Working on a new thread, will be closing this one in a few...


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    Closing thread, please continue here...

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