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    Verification Process for Professional or Insider Posters

    If you would like to add yourself as an expert in a certain field or as an insider to a case, please send an email to wsverify@gmail.com

    If you do not wish to be identified as an expert in a certain area, we ask that you refrain from answering questions that are specifically directed to those that have been verified as specialist in their area and that you do not claim to be a professional in any area.

    If a member posts with "expertise" please check to make sure they are on this list. If not, please do not take their post as professional information, but rather just as another opinion; much as you would with any member of the general posting membership.

    Locals who are describing the area or are members of the gyms and that sort of thing do not need to be verified.

    We only verify people who know the players or have been named in the media, etc. This does not include people who may befriend a player on internet social media and then wish to post about it.

    If a member wants to post as a professional (a lawyer, shrink, and so on) or as a local/knows the people involved then they must email us at the following email: wsverify@gmail.com

    Please include:

    The case
    Your Websleuths name
    Your phone number and a good time to call
    Your real name
    Location (City and State)
    In the subject line please put your user name and which case you are asking to be verified on

    All info will be kept strictly confidential.

    Thank you!
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    Please note that only the owners and administration are privy to members who are on the verified list. Generally only one administrator works on the verifications, but other administrators may be asked to help if the need warrants.


    If you have not known the family or friends prior to the incident, you most likely will not need to be verified. There are certain instances where this becomes necessary like in the case where a private investigator is hired and wants to post as an insider. Websleuths does not condone our members getting involved in crime cases unless there is something the member can do that will make a difference. Please contact law enforcement with any tips.

    Professional posters:
    When you send in your information, please scan your license and attach to your email at the same time. That will expedite the process.


    We no longer verify locals. It became way too time consuming and we didn't feel it was necessary. However, if a moderator deems that a poster seems to be more of an insider than a local, we will ask that you become verified before posting information that is not in the mainstream media. Otherwise, you are free to post about your area and what you've observed.

    A great big to all of you who are willing to help on Websleuths!
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