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    Gov. Scott signs bill creating 'Caylee's Law'

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Gov. Rick Scott has signed a bill inspired by 2-year-old Caylee Anthony's death.
    The bill (HB 37) was signed Friday. The new law increases the maximum penalty from a year in jail to five years in prison for knowingly making a false statement to police about a missing child.

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    Finally. Something positive. I needed some good news.

    This one's for you, sweet Caylee. Still love you and think about you everyday.

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    This is WONDERFUL News!! Congratulations Florida! Now Caylee will truly never be forgotten.

    Do we know if this is indeed "Caylee's Law" or if it is Bill something inspired by Caylee? Everytime the law is used - I want the name Caylee Anthony to be written about, along with her mother never reporting her missing!

    I wish the media would get it right. Caylee was not reported missing for 31 days. It was her grandmother who reported her missing. Her mother never did.

    Peace Baby Girl!
    When there is Justice - there is Peace.

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    Caylee, a sweet, innocent, little girl, who most met only through videos and photos, will forever stand as a reminder of the right thing to do.

    This is a very good thing, and will more strongly prosecute those monsters who deceive LE when attempting to hide their crimes against those little one's that can't defend themselves.
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    Florida, you go this one right.

    Thank goodness.
    Justice and power must be brought together,
    so that whatever is just may be powerful,
    and whatever is powerful may be just.
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    Has anyone started a list of all the states that have or are in hopes of having a Caylee law for their state?

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