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    Bow and arrows used to smuggle mobile phones into prison

    A man has been arrested outside a Swedish high-security prison after shooting mobile phones into the prison yard with a bow and arrow.

    Police spokeswoman Susanne Abrahamsson says the 29-year-old man, who has a criminal record, is suspected of aiding and abetting a prison escape at the Norrtaelje penitentiary just north of Stockholm.

    The incident, which occurred on Friday evening, comes on the heels of a series of high-profile jail breaks in Sweden.

    In two of those escapes, mobile phones had been smuggled into the prisons, enabling the convicts to organise their flight.

    The man arrested outside the Norrtaelje prison is believed to have shot as many as five mobile phones over the prison wall.

    Three arrows were found in the yard, with two phones and a battery charger taped to the arrows, Ms Abrahamsson said.

    A bow was found under the suspect's car and additional arrows discovered inside the vehicle.

    Police arrested the man as he was approaching his car, parked about 100 metres from the prison wall, after receiving a tip that a person may try to throw something over the prison wall.

    In August, three convicts serving sentences between four and 12 years for violent crimes used a phone smuggled into the Norrtaelje prison to break out, helped by three outsiders carrying automatic weapons.

    The convicts were later recaptured.


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