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    TX - Multiple Decapitated Victims, Houston, 1979

    Horrific killings in 1979 left bodies headless

    By James Pinkerton

    Updated 05:53 p.m., Monday, April 9, 2012


    Today, more than three decades later, the status of five murder cases that took place within two months of one another remains virtually the same as in 1979. There are no suspects, no fingerprint or forensic evidence to help develop a suspect, and the most rudimentary of theories.

    The questions remain: Was there a cold-blooded serial killer with a compulsion to collect human heads at work in Houston? And is the killer still out there?
    2 page article at link above.

    Victims named in artcle:
    1. Alys Elaine Rankin
    2. Mary Michael Calcutta
    3.Doris Lynn Threadgill
    4. Joann Huffman (16 yrs old)
    5. Robert Spangenberger (18 yrs old)

    The prevailing theory is the Orchard Apartment murders of Rankin and Calcutta were committed by the same killer. But most homicide investigators believe the deaths of Huffman and Spangenberger were the work of a separate killer. Investigators are unsure about Threadgill's connection to the other murders.

    "I'm not ruling anything out; anything's possible," Motard said.
    I had never heard of these murders until reading this article.

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