The Greatest Generation indeed. Incredible bravery. The next time anyone disses the French as a cowardly race, just think of the men and women of the French Resistance.

Hero of the French Resistance sentenced to death by the Nazis but escaped in raid led by his wife dies aged 97
A legendary French resistance fighter who was sentenced to a firing squad by the Gestapo as young man has finally died - surrounded by his family aged 97.

Raymond Aubrac was captured by the feared Nazi secret police at the height of the Second World War in June 1943.

He was with Jean Moulin, the charismatic Frenchman sent from London by General Charles de Gaulle to organise resistance against the German occupation.
Moulin was severely tortured by the Nazis and died of his injuries on a train to Berlin from Paris, but Aubrac was rescued by his own wife.

Lucie Aubrac and a gang of Resistance fighters ambushed a lorry transporting 14 prisoners from Gestapo headquarters.
The couple escaped from France, and reached London, where they joined De Gaulle's government in exile.
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