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    From the above article

    Will County Judge Edward Burmila ruled this morning that the Rev. Neil Schori will be allowed to testify for the prosecution that Peterson's now-missing fourth wife, Stacy, told the pastor she saw Peterson return home late, dressed in black and carrying a bag of women's clothing not long before Savio was found dead.

    iirc Stacy came down stairs to the laundry room and confronted DP about where he had been and what he was doing. He either told her then or at sometime shortly after. She knew either way and when DP found out she talked to the Pastor her days were numbered IMO.

    Burmila also said that he will compel divorce attorney Harry Smith to testify about incriminating statements that Savio made to him about criminal cases she and Drew Peterson were involved in.

    Sounds like Smith doesn't want to testify. Correct me if my thinking is off here, but his testimony is important as it would buttress Kathleen's letter.,6116299.story

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    Anything that anyone says here is going to be important as IMO this is going to be a tough case. Smith is likely using the client confidentiality reasons for not testifying, and may not actually be reluctant..... just wanting the support of the court before he gives it up. Client confidentiality can be held even after death.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember that in the weeks prior to her disappearance, Stacy had contacted Smith, and was to have an appointment with him on Monday, Oct. 29th or Tuesday, Oct. 30th - a day or two after she disappeared.

    I wonder if the prosecution will be allowed to press Smith for confirmation of his appointment with Stacy and details of what she may have told him in telephone conversations with him?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mysteriew View Post
    So we finally found something that PO'd him. No more Mr. Funny Guy in the midst of a murder investigation. Well his son is an adult now. And he is available for questioning. The other son will be in for questioning soon. I bet that makes him nervous.

    And it looks like we are keeping the old theory "Stacey ran away" but with a twist. He admits that Stacy's mother disappeared years ago. But now he is saying that maybe Stacey is with her mother.

    Anybody else think the comment about Candace may have been a dig at her somehow?

    When I read about DrewP and think about the CA case, I see so many ways in which the cases are alike and the suspects are alike. Too bad we can't get them together. I think they would have a lot in common. But I am hoping that DrewP isn't available for a relationship.
    BBM: Stacy's mother disappeared mysteriously on her way to church one day, IIRC, and was no fan of DP. I've always thought this was a snide remark with a creepy, hidden meaning that Stacy met the same fate as her mother. I believe his earlier words not long after Stacy disappeared were, "maybe she went to be with her mother."

    If we ever find Stacy, or sadly, her remains, we might just find her mother as well.

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    Time flies! I just realized that jury selection begins on Monday! It might be a good idea to post a thread just for links to news sources.

    Edited to add.........I forgot about the links thread at the top of the page.
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    Maybe someone can start a thread in the Trials took a search to find this...
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    Quote Originally Posted by PMLsmom View Post
    Maybe someone can start a thread in the Trials took a search to find this...

    That's a good idea. Trial starts tomorrow! Let me remind the mods the trial starts tomorrow, as I am not sure if members will find the trial info here, or how the mods want to handle it.

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