Looks like Snackman may be re-developing a case of the munchies in the one shot there; although, hey, it's probably just a normal ol' roll-up.

Saving the world one snack at a time: New York's YouTube
subway hero revealed... and he's become a real hit with the ladies

Wielding his trusty bag of cheddar Pringles, a pack of gummi bears and a straight poker face, Gotham City has a new superhero, that man is Snackman.

Otherwise known as Charles Sonder, 24, the Brooklyn architect has shot to fame after his calm intervention in a violent argument between a man and a woman was posted onto the internet.
Now - uh, what happened?
The video shows an irate woman repeatedly kicking out at a cowering man until Sonder simply walks in between the pair silently eating his bag of Pringles.

Snacking away, Sonder’s human barrier stops the pair from continuing their physical fight and as he creates a man sized demilitarised zone between them their argument fizzles out to strong insults shouted over the new hero.
Speak to us, Snackman!
‘It’s cool to be known for helping people on the subway,’ said Sonder.

‘I turned around and I saw these two kicking each other pretty viciously.

‘I stepped over and tried to see if I could help.

‘I just got caught up in the moment.’

And for Sonder, who is single, his new Snackman persona could lead to him grabbing a Mrs Snackman.
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