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    Quote Originally Posted by ItzShea View Post
    That is an owner operator, I think. They have reefers. I have seen that company.
    Itís easy to get information about trucking companies online. The DOT has a website with all of the inspections and driversí information included. You know if they have Qualcomm or PeopleNet installed in those tractors, the court can required them to barf up what trucks were in a location at any given time. Qualcomm is accurate to within 5 feet. That company knows EXACTLY which truck that was.
    Qualcomm is satellites. They run out of San Diego.
    The DOT cops know this. The State Cops should know this.
    Which company is it?

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    Thanks for bringing it up even if it is creepy. You said the truck was a gold/white combo, can you recall if it was a brown wooden homemade shell or any other description?
    Choose Kindness

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    No. It was white, but boxy and homemade. Too big for the pickup even. Not smooth or aerodynamic like a bought one.
    It was on the shoulder 1/2 mile before the 207 mm. Which is a short distance from the 205 exit. It was a 70’s older pickup. With the inset panels, angular, chrome mirrors. The kind I like. Mustard or gold in bottom or top. That icky yellow they put out to accompany the Avocado Green of that time period.
    It looked like the driver was snoozing behind the wheel with a tiger striped blanket over his head. Which is what I told my company on the Quailcomm (which is what we call it!) I’m a blabber mouth.
    When I came back through westbound it was gone. But there was a State Cop hanging out at Golconda Summit. And I liked that a lot.

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    Thank you too! I am out here all the time.
    I look at drivers in their vehicles. (Sometimes it is an off duty cop in that car, so it pays to Drive Nice All The Time!)

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    I wanted to say that any information you need I will give you. It WAS an 70ís pickup truck.
    So, people move around. Nevada is cheap to live.
    I wonder about that poor old man every time I go thru there. And his dog Lucky. And Judith, that lady who disappeared at the McDonalds at the 106 mm? And they found her car on the opposite side of I-80 at the 205 exit?
    But Iím not a cop. I havenít even read much on what to look for for police work. I just notice A LOT of weird movement on the interstate.
    Listen, I have never taken a police course in my life, or been involved with drug trafficking. BUT, I could give an hour and a half speech on drug runners and the routes they take, how they behave and the vehicles and trailers/exterior containers they prefer. I watched the same pickup for a year, on the same road, with the same identical Load Of Junk he hauled, obviously a cover for drugs underneath, he just moved the junk around on top. Iím not trying to sound important, but if I can pick them out- why canít the cops?
    You know, they NEED TO put drug dogs outside at the scales.
    DRUG DOGS just walking around casually at random surprise scales.
    They NEED to install those X-ray panels they use in some scales near the Mexico border at random, undeclared sites.
    If you could do one thing, if you are a cop or anyone who has any sway in what the police decide, there is a lot of drug running in these big trucks. A LOT of gangs (like the crips and the bloods) own trucks - they own bunches of them, get secret compartments installed and make their money running drugs. I know a little about the area in L.A where the 15 and 10 come together.

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    Star Transport with a red offset star. I have two pictures of the company equipment. But I canít figure out how to put it up here.
    Dry vans from the south. OTR company.

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