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    NC - Terry Lynn Tersak, 33, Asheville, April 2009

    She's not listed on Doe or Charlie that I can find. I saw this news article and thought she deserved a thread here.|head

    The exact day she was last seen is unclear because no one reported her missing until May 24, 2011 — nearly two years after family last had contact with her.
    Pendergraft last saw his daughter in April 2009. Tersak, 36 and born on April 8, is a white female with blue eyes. She stands about 5 feet, 1 inch and weighs about 100 pounds.
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    There's a lot of information on her case here:|head

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    Here's an article from today's edition of the News & Observer about Terry Tersak.
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    Charley Project profile, with links at bottom:

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    there's also an entire site about her missing at:

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    Friends try to solve mystery of missing Raleigh mom

    Posted: 10:11 p.m. yesterday
    Updated: 11:11 p.m. yesterday

    RALEIGH, N.C. Friends and family held a candelit vigil Saturday to ask for people to come forward with clues in the mysterious disappearance of a Raleigh mother two years ago.

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    for Terry, missing almost 4 years now.


    Terry was last seen in Asheville, North Carolina on June 1, 2009. She called her cousin in Garner, North Carolina that day and said she was driving over with her son to visit. She never arrived, though, and her family hasn't heard from her since.
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