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    Oh what a wonderful thread. I am in my mid fifties. I highlighted my hair for years and my hairdresser said "Ya know you are going to start getting that calico look". I said what?>
    She said you have to much going on with all those grays coming in and it just ends up looking like a calico cat. Well yes, that is exactly what it started to look like on top.
    First just let me say I LOVE GRAY HAIR. I will actually stop a woman with gorgeous silver or gray hair and complement her.
    So getting back to my story, I told her I think I am just going to go grey, I love grey hair. She said no way, you do not have the coloring for it, it will make you look really old.
    I did kind of agree at the time, I do think some women can carry it off better than others.
    Especially if they are younger looking in the face.
    Now I go every 8 weeks and have her color it and spend money I could put towards something else. But the day is coming ladies, it is. Most of my gray seems to be on top, my mother has colored her hair her whole life so I have no idea how she looks with gray hair. My father is now gray/white. All my grandmothers also colored their hair right up to the day they died so I have nothing to fall back on as far as how it will come in.
    I also have long hair and how do you go to work with that mess growing out???? Do you have to cut it all off and start from there? Oh I do not want to do that. So how?

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    Be your all the ways...

    It's OK to be you.

    Should be a given...but not, yet....

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    Quote Originally Posted by stilettos View Post
    I think women are beautiful in many differing hair colors. I started graying at 19...needless to say, I felt I was too young to go grey. I colored it..still do..I will be 50 the first week in May. I still color...back to my natural chestnut. Don't look my age...don't know when I will let it go...but I salute you ladies who have. Vive le difference.

    I dont have much grey and will probably always highlight my hair with blonde streaks as it does cover what little grey there is. I look like a kid and really don't mind that.

    I salute and honor the ladies here too that have grey and choose to go natural. To each to their own choice and whatever makes one happy. We all are forever united as one no matter what our hairstyles/ colors are.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kat View Post
    My Mom too!

    She asked me when I was going to start coloring, I told her I was a granola granny .
    (respectfully snipped)
    But my Mother hates my hair. It's all one length, I don't use any products on it after washing and conditioning and I don't blow it dry. Currently it's just past my bra-strap and all one length, it's very healthy---no split frizzies---etc.

    It drives her nuts haha! She has short hair and has always worn it so she thinks I need to have it as well.

    Eh, C'est la Vie, can't make everyone happy so just make yourself happy
    I love the granola granny title and will use it without shame!! I do the same thing, just wash and condition my hair. No blow drying or styling other than turning my head upside down and applying a leave in conditioner for curly hair.

    The other point you brought up is also something that I've been thinking about. Why are women expected to cut their hair short when they become a certain age? My Mom hates that my hair is on the long side (about 3 inches past my shoulders.) All the women in my family gave in and cut their hair off once they hit a certain age (45 to 50). But they still continue to color and style it every day.

    I don't even own a blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, or any other electronic gadget to torture my hair. I am looking forward to my dyed hair to grow out so it can all be healthy and natural.
    Please be aware that what I type is my opinion.

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