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    AZ - Pinal Co., HispMale UP10072, 19-30, alias Jose Acateco, Sep'11

    The image on namus is a photo taken of the UID when he was alive in NY. His mummified body was found Sept, 2011 in Arizona. Race is listed "unsure".

    Estimated age Adult - Pre 30
    Minimum age 19 years
    Maximum age 30 years
    Race Unsure
    Sex Male
    Weight (pounds) , Cannot Estimate
    Height (inches) 67, Estimated
    Probable yearof death: 2011

    These mummified and partially skeletonized remains were found in a desert area near Maricopa, Arizona. There were no associated personal effects or identification media found with the remains. A blind fingerprint match was made to the name "Jose BENITEZ", DOB: 16 July 1990, with an alias of "Jose ACATECO", DOB: 17 July 1989. Neither of the provided names have been verified and are likely bogus. No next-of-kin can be located.
    A photograph was taken of this individual by New York State on 14 July 2011 (see case images). Personal descriptors of the individual include a height of 5'7", a weight of 150 pounds, brown eyes, and black hair.

    Head hair Hair is black, straight, and measures less than .5 inches in length.

    IFS Fingerprint comparison came back with a match to a supposed Mexican National, "Jose BENITEZ", DOB: 16 July 1990. An alias of "Jose ACATECO", DOB: 17 July 1989 was also used.
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    These ones break my heart... does Mexico or Central America have missing databases? I'd assume not since so many try to cross and I guess the families just chalk it up to living a better life. It's so sad

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