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    Opinion on the woman that claims her daughter was raped and tortured by Zodiac?

    Hi all,

    I have looked around and there isn't a thread for this that I could find (mind you I am new so please let me know if I'm doing anything wrong!).

    Following the case, on several message boards I have come across a woman who claims her daughter was raped and sexually tortured by a man she believes to be the zodiac.


    I was just wondering what everyones opinions are? Whilst I do find it a possibility, something just doesn't ring right with me.

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    My opinion is this guy is nothing like the Zodiac. Also he seems to have no criminal charges against him. Google the name and only the womans blogs come back.
    I think the little girl may have been hurt but the Zodiac idea is far fetched and without much bases. Lots of the site is far fetched.
    I watched a program last night about the Zodiac so I was interested in checking this out. Thanks.

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    If this thread included a poll and the poll included the choice of "highly dubious" I would click on that choice.

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    I have to agree. I am not certain why the mother is still eliciting information from her daughter. I do understand that sometimes LE revictimizes the victim by not taking them seriously, however, I think a mother would fight for the right treatment and help, rather then try to get a book deal out of it.

    The problems I see with this is:
    1)The mother is further violating her daughter by posting something so painful and private on the web. Most abuse victims craze privacy.
    2) The more the mother tries to pry information out of the child, the greater the stories become. A child will continue to fabricate and create bigger and bigger stories, trying to figure out what the adult wants. In a child's mind if the same questions are asked over and over, obviously the first answer wasn't "right". Legitimate cases get thrown out of court for leading...
    3) The mother may have some sort of conversion disorder and feel a need to create greater and greater drama about the abuse to avoid looking at where she may have missed red-flags with her child.
    4) Something most likely did happen to the little girl and the actual abuse is being lost in the drama. In fact, by not listening to the original story and getting help from there, the mother is revictimizing the daughter just as police did, because apparently the story wasn't believable or enough the first time.
    5) I think what is the worst part is as the mother continues to elicit information and the story gets more violent, the girl is left with the sense that the original abuse she suffered was not significant enough to get attention. She is not being validated for the actual trauma of the abuse, only getting the message that abuse has to consist of "satanic rituals" or high profile serial killers to get attention or be worth anything.
    6) It is a me, me, me blog...Justice, healing and recovery come from therapy and time, not book deals and blogging about system failure.

    The only thing I can think with this is maybe the perpetrator or potential perpetrator has some sort of assets the mother would like to be rewarded with. I see nothing on that blog that shows the mother is doing this out of true concern or the well being of her child. In fact, the mother is doing further harm and destroying any possible case for justice. :-( IMOO

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    Oh. One more thing. Someone who is genuinely interested in the fight for girl's and women's rights and freeing them from exploitation does not accept paid advertisements for what amounts to "mail order" Asian brides on their website.

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    This is Melody and I am the woman you are speaking of. First of all I would like to say that I respect the opinion of those who do not support me. Generally I find those who judge me so critically are those who have not read all the posts on my blog and their entirety and have not been aware of my fight for justice over the years.

    My daughter is not a child anymore. She is 21 years old, a drug addict and a prostitute and has been so since the age of 12. My daughter is fully aware of my blog, that I am writing a book and she supports my fight for justice. Unfortunately she is too messed up herself to come forward and try to do anything about this.

    A few years ago, before I started my blog or resumed my fight for justice my child said "Mom, it really messed me up that the cops didn't believe me", she also said "I wonder how my life would have turned out if I was never taken away from you." She was taken from Children's psychiatric ward because the diagnosis was that she was so traumatized that she needed special care. I was still suffering a lot myself and was severely depressed and in my own therapy and I just wasn't able to give my child the same kind of care that a family experienced at dealing with sexually abused children could.

    I have tried over and over to get the police to listen, but they don't care. All anyone has to do is google "BC Missing Women Inquiry", and you will find a ton of media coverage on how this bias and negligence has been going on a long time here in British Columbia. My child and I are not the only victims here.

    I have already gone through 7 years of counselling to try and overcome what happened to my child, but it will never leave me. Me fighting, starting the blog, writing a book, sending out tons of emails to women's organiazations, missing persons organizations, media etc, is all to help me cope, to show my daughter that I never stopped fighting for her, and to gain public support that will give me the momentum that I need to force the RCMP to be responsible for the gross negligence.

    What is in the past I cannot change, but hopefully I can help to make changes moving forward so that when a child victim comes forward with disclosures of abuse, that they are believed and not dismissed and treated like a piece of **** and the cop treated both my child and I. Just because someone does something so horrifying to a child that it is inconceivable, doesn't mean that it didn't happen.

    Whatever this man did to my child, whether she witnessed murders, or he only convinced her she saw these things, is abuse no matter which way you put it. There is a lot of evidene not posted on my blog that the RCMP refused to look at and Ron Rice, Forensic Examiner in the US has taken on my case pro bono. His opinion thus far is that my evidence is explosive and I haven't even sent it all to him. Ron himself is astonished at how the justice system here could have been so blind and outwardly negligent.

    As for the Zodiac connection, I have never said this guy is Zodiac. I was watching the movie in 2007, and recognized the handwriting... "That's just how Henning writes!", I yelled out. Now I am not claiming to be an expert, I just recognized the style, as being the same way he wrote, and I have posted samples on my blog that show this. Doesn't me he is Zodiac, but I started doing some research and finidng more and more weird things that made a possible connection, and all I am doing is sharing those strange coincidences.

    I abosolutely do believe this man is a killer and killings in BC have happened in areas where he had family as did the Zodiac killings way back... in areas he had family. Anyway there is a lot that leads me to believe the man is a killer, and it is all laid out on my blog... such as always throwing away his clothing and runners even when they were new, driving a van with chains hanging from the ceiling behind the passenger seat up Highway of Tears the same time women disappear, he was always giving me used women's clothing, wallets, and watches, etc, etc, etc... not to mention the secret compartment he dug out under his bathroom floor and the strange smell in his apartment...

    There is far too much to this story to share here or on a blog and that is why I am writing a book. I want to make people aware that this kind of thing does happen. That people we trust can be evil. The the police we think are there to protect us, don't always protect us, and when a child discloses abuse we should believe them...

    Some will continue to judge me critically, and that is ok. I am not here to sway opinions, but just speak up for who I am and why I fight for justice. I am just a mom who is still devastated by what happened to my child, and I will never give up fighting.

    PS: As for the ads, it's google adsense, so I will have to look into having that stuff removed. I had no idea. And the only reason I put that on there was after some of my team members urged me to do so to raise money for investigations and forensics.

    My team is at http://www.**************/Zodiac-Killer-North?a=275377 where I have posted a campaign to raise funds for investigations and forensics as well as my book. This again was urged by one of my team members. You can google anyone of these people to find they are legitimate professional people who have been backing me.

    Thank you and I respect everyone's opinion. Some support me and some don't. I thank those who have followed me the past couple years and sent me their support and words of encouragement. For those who don't, it is the difference in opinion that makes the world an innovative place....

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