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    WA - Teacher had teen girl become pen-pal with murderer

    A high school history teacher in Federal Way is on administrative leave for allegedly setting up a pen-pal relationship between a 15-year-old female student and one of his former students, who’s in prison for stabbing a prostitute to death. Dave Reynolds, who works at Thomas Jefferson High School and has taught in Federal Way schools since 1998, was put on paid leave last Tuesday and won’t return until the human resources department concludes its investigation, said Diane Turner, a district spokeswoman.

    The mother of the female student brought the correspondence to the attention of school officials when she got her hands on two letters the inmate, Michael Koehler, sent to her daughter.

    In one letter, Koehler spoke of love and marriage while giving a gang nickname to the girl. In another letter, he shared his sexual fantasies involving her.

    “I am scared for my daughter for what he has said and wrote to her,” the mother said in a court filing. “Please help me stop this.”

    The mother was at the King County Regional Justice Center in Kent on Monday to file for a permanent protection order against Koehler, an inmate at the Washington State Reformatory at Monroe. The mother declined to talk to a reporter.

    On Aug. 20, 2001, Koehler and Gregory Torres, both 18 and Kent residents at the time, took a 34-year-old prostitute to Lake Fenwick Park and offered her drugs in exchange for sex. According to Koehler’s statement, the woman became suspicious and angry when the men couldn’t produce the drugs.

    Torres stabbed the woman in the stomach, then raped her. When she tried to escape, the two men chased her down and stabbed her to death.

    A year later, Koehler entered a modified guilty plea to first-degree murder with sexual motivation, which meant he didn’t admit guilt but agreed a jury would probably find him guilty.

    It’s unknown exactly how and when the pen-pal program began and how many Federal Way students took part. Turner said the school district is investigating to find out.

    According to a petition for an order for protection filed by the student’s mother, Koehler started writing and phoning the student sometime in early October.

    “This is not part of any subject that we approve,” Turner said. “This was outside the district curriculum.”

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    They take God out of school and let idiots in. What is wrong with some of these teachers!!!!!!!!!!

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    Stories like this reaffrim why ,despite the financial hardship it causes,my kids dont go to public school!!!!!!!!

    If I were this Mother the word livid wouldnt begin to describe my feelings!!!!!!!!!!!
    This teacher needs a new line of work!!!!!
    The saints are the sinners who keep trying...

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