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    10,000 for a drop of Gandhi's blood found on soil & grass at assassination site

    About $16,000 U.S. dollars that would be.

    Drop of Gandhi's blood on grass and soil recovered from spot where he was assassinated sells for 10,000 (Daily Mail)
    A bloodied blade of grass and soil taken from the spot where Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated has sold for 10,000 at auction.

    The soil and grass that the Indian hero fell upon when he was shot in Delhi is part of an incredible archive of material from the holy man that went under the hammer.
    In a letter of provenance dated September 24, 1996, collector PP Nambiar said he received 'the most sacred of all relics - a fraction of the pinch of soil I collected on 30 January 1948 from the spot where the father of our nation MK Gandhi fell to the bullets of his assassin'.

    He placed them inside a container where they have remained ever since and now it is a much-prized item of curiosity, wonder and even worship.
    [Gandhi] was assassinated on January 30, 1948, in Delhi, by Nathuram Godse, a Hindu nationalist who felt Gandhi was too sympathetic towards Muslims.
    much more, including an account and pictures of other Gandhi-related Mahatmabilia at DM link above

    Macabre, or legit historical artifact?

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    IMHO Ghandi's message is far more important that his blood or any other artifact.

    If someone wants to collect this and pay for it then by all means knock yourself out.

    I think that for me I'm choose to hold his message of peace and love in my heart instead of looking to collect any of his belongings or body fluids. But that's just me

    all JMHO.

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    he was a great man, really

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