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    Dispatcher in Powell home explosion reprimanded

    The Washington dispatcher who took a call from a social worker the day Josh Powell set fire to his home, killing himself and his two sons, has been reprimanded, according to documents obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune.


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    A letter is not enough.
    “Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

    In no way should any of my statements be construed as legal opinion or advice. While I am a lawyer, I am not a verified poster here at WS. The above statement(s) are an expression of my personal opinion, for entertainment purposes only, and copyright.

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    It really was horrifying to listen to that call. It made the whole situation seem even more heartbreaking and senseless.

    Those poor babies!
    Justice and power must be brought together,
    so that whatever is just may be powerful,
    and whatever is powerful may be just.
    Blaise Pascal

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    It's too bad that a few bad dispatchers bring question to so many good ones.
    Please consider my comments as my opinion. I don't ask that you agree with me and you are free to scroll past my post. Thanks for respecting my opinion as much as I respect yours.


    Please help identify the unidentified photos found in the storage locker of serial killer, Rodney Alcala.


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