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    UT - Deadly spiked booby traps found on popular Utah hiking trail - two arrested

    Two young men held for setting up deadly spiked booby traps on popular Utah hiking trail 'for fun'
    Police say Benjamin Steven Rutkowski, 19, and Kai Matthew Christensen, 21, of Provo, confessed to setting trip wires that could send a 20lb ball of spiked branches into a person's head, or trip a passer-by into a bed of wooden stakes.
    U.S. Forest Service officer James Schoeffler was doing a routine foot patrol of the South Fork Canyon when he spotted the traps outside a building used by families and young hikers, called The Fort.

    The traps were discovered along the Big Springs trail in Provo Canyon last Saturday by a military-trained officer on foot patrol - before anyone was hurt.
    When tripped, one of the traps released a ball of wooden spikes tied to a rock with rope swinging from a tree.

    At a second entrance to The Fort, another trap was meant to cause a person to fall onto spikes sticking up from a bed of dirt, investigators told the network.
    more, with a picture of the spiked contraption and a Today Show video, at Daily Mail link above

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    Glad officer Schoeffler was alert and caught this before anyone was hurt!


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    This is some sick movie $h!^!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ1991 View Post

    This is some sick movie $h!^!
    Methinks they think the "Saw" movie franchise is real.
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    OMG! What is wrong with people?

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