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    Trayvon Martin -George Zimmerman Verified Lawyer Q&A **NO DISCUSSION**

    Please leave your legal questions here for a VERIFIED attorney to answer. Please read the thread before you post and make sure the question has not already been answered.
    Asking questions and answers from lawyers is all that should be here.
    The lawyers may ask you questions about your question that is ok to reply!


    ask a question and wait for a VERIFIED attorney to answer.

    Please get the word out to some of our lawyers to help us out over here.

    hope this helps with some of our legal questions.

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    17 yo Trayvon Martin Shot to Death by Neighborhood Watch Captain #33
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    Posted By Just K

    With news of the $204, 000 in GZ's Paypal accounts, doesn't that mean that he is not indigent and until he is then they cannot claim that status, right?

    By O'Mara setting up a defense fund for GZ, does that mean the money is no longer his? Please, some legal eagle help?

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    Why wouldn't the judge have jurisdiction over the Paypal money? Is it because the money was donated? Is it because O'Mara now has the money in a trust account? Or is it because of some other reason? And if the judge doesn't have jurisdiction over the money, who would?
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    Even if GZ is not declared indigent now, could he become indigent later on during his trial?

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