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    UK - Leonard Hill, 64, robbed & murdered, Rhymney, Wales, 14 June 2011

    Cases like this argue for an increase in the handing down of whole life terms.

    Murderer freed from prison early to kill a second time
    is told he will never be released as judge jails him again

    A brutal murderer freed early from prison to kill a second time was today put back behind bars - and a judge told him: ‘You will never be released again.’

    David Cook, 65, was jailed for life in 1987 for strangling a woman Sunday school teacher with a dressing gown cord in a robbery.

    But he was released after 21 years of his life sentence to move to a village 100 miles away - only to kill again.

    Cook strangled neighbour Leonard Hill, 64, by using a TV flex in his own home during another robbery in a desperate search for cash.

    A court heard the violent death of Mr Hill had a ‘chilling similarity’ to his strangulation of teacher Beryl Maynard in 1987.
    a bit of detail about the two murders:
    He replied to an advert for prison penpals in a Christian magazine while in jail [for a series of robberies].

    On his release Mrs Maynard invited him to her home in Reading, Berkshire, for dinner.

    But months later he forced his way into her house and strangled her to death before stealing her money.
    [After his release from prison for Mrs Maynard's murder] Cook moved to Rhymney, South Wales, where he was befriended by next-door neighbour Mr Hill.

    But he then allegedly murdered Mr Hill in a robbery after running up £5,800 of debt.

    Cook ransacked his neighbour’s bungalow before hiding his body in his own home. He then went to the village pub to buy drinks with money stolen from Mr Hill.
    Too little and too late for poor Mr HIll:
    And yesterday Cook was jailed for a second life term with and told there is no chance of ever getting freed again.
    much more at Daily Mail link above, with pictures

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    When convicted murders are sentenced to life in some states here, it doesn't mean necessarily life. Some places they're up for parole after seven. I guess that's why some sentences say "life," and others say "life without parole." This is a prime example of the danger of allowing them to be released, even after 21 years!

    Some people are just evil.


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    A list of those who have received whole-life tariffs in the UK here at Wiki.

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