Teacher who raped and slit the throat of his student, 18, in infamous 1966 murder hangs himself in jail
Jon E. Yount, 74, had been in good health before he was found hanged in the state prison in Greene County, Pennsylvania on April 26.

His suicide came just three days ahead of the 46-year anniversary of his gruesome crime.

On April 29, 1966, he stopped 18-year-old Pamela Sue Rimer as she walked home from her school bus stop.
He was her maths teacher at the Dubois High School, where she was a senior, but she had been trying to get out of his class as she disliked him.

Yount beat, raped and stabbed Rimer before slitting her throat and leaving her to die in a wooded area near her home in Luthersburg. Yount left the scene, burnt his clothes and collected his children from their babysitter.
Rimer was buried in her prom dress and classmates laid their graduation tassels across her grave.
Wait a minute....I was i) unborn or ii) in swaddling clothes or iii) just hanging out watching 'Batman' like the rest of the kids in 1966; but I seem to have heard of this guy, for some reason....why could that be?
Yount was convicted of first-degree murder and rape, but escaped for two years between 1986 and 1988.

He had escaped while carrying out unsupervised farm work with his pen-pal turned girlfriend, Diane Brodbeck, waiting nearby.

The pair were captured in Idaho after the case appeared in an Unsolved Mysteries show.
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