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    Dannielyn Birkhead at 5!

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    She is so beautiful. She does look a lot like her mama!!!! I feel so bad for her though. What a tragic beginning. Luckily she was too young to remember. But any child who loses a mother just breaks my heart.

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    She is a beautiful child...I see her father Larry in her, and I see Anna as well..bless her heart, shes so cute jmo
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    She looks so precious, and Larry seems so happy. I wish them both the very best in life.

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    She is precious, and Larry seems like he's doing an exceptional job of raising her. The resemblance is striking, and I wish them both all the love in the world...

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    Beautiful little girl, I hope she can grow up out of the spotlight and have the loving background and security that her mum didn't have
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    She is so beautiful ... I see Anna Nichole and Larry both in her! Larry certainly seems like a loving and protective father.

    I do wonder if her financial future is going to be secure enough to include her going to college and getting a good start in life as a young woman.

    I recently read that Howard Stern has gone to court to have the house that Danielle and Larry live in put in Stern's name. Another news item says Anna Nichole's estate owes the federal government millions of dollars.

    Wishes for a good life, happiness, and good health for both of them!

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    She looks like mama and daddy. She looks like mama before all the drugs... I hope she learns the good things about her mom as oppose to just the trash that all of us heard.
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    She is quite beautiful just like her mother. It is good he is keeping her out of the limelight for now BUT it is also obvious she is being groomed for modeling or something based on the way she poses and fawns for the camera. That isn't natural it is rehearsed.

    Sadly I expect by the time she is a teenager her father will be managing her in some type of high pressure career (modeling, singing, acting, something) as his little angel will likely be his future money maker.

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    That is one beautiful little girl... I see both her daddy and momma in her. Her outfit is adorable!

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    Awwww she's so beautiful!
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    Larry seems to be doing a great job raising his little girl. They go back every year to the Derby, where she spends time with family and all her cousins. Paparazi seems to have backed off, I hope she has a normal life.
    Even when Anna was at her lowest point, there was always something about her that screamed I am a nice person. Bless them both.

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    Fortunately, I think she looks alot more like her father than Anna Nicole, who was no role model!IMO!
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    What a gorgeous little girl!
    I pray for the best for her. Larry seems like a great Dad.

    And, while her mother was not perfect, she was her Mother and it's heartbreaking that she was not able to see her little girl grow up.
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    She is darling. Of course she is hamming it up for the camera. She's five and all dressed up for a big event. Looks like she has a big personality just like her mom.

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