Someone asked me to repost this here. I'm new to this web site, it kept coming up with articles about Michael Jackson so I finally decided to join and post a few messages. I am a victim's advocate who goes to court during the Michael Jackson trial to support this victim and all victims of abuse and to bring awareness to the issue.

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When I first came here I said that I had been looking on line for a Michael Jackson fan site because of them posting a name of a victim. There is another child sexual abuse case going on right now in our county. It involves a man named Druyan Byrne. I think I spelled that right. He was a drama theater teacher who has been charged with abusing a girl, and Ron Zonen said they found a video tape in the trash of him having sex with another minor. Another girl who is now and adult I think is also accusing him. There was an article in the paper about the D.A. revoking this guy's bail because he gave the name to this website and they posted her full name on their site. They gave the website 24 hours to take it off. I am a very calm and rational person but this really made me angry! How can these Michael Jackson fans justify putting the name of a little girl out there like that. The story also said that a videographer had shown up with Byrne to videotape his preliminary hearing. I wonder if it might be a Jackson fan because they have someone who comes with their camera all the time. It's just mean and sick to try to put a kid through that, when she's doing something so hard! How can someone live with themselves??

Prosecutor wants former teacher jailed
Man allegedly put name of girl in sex case on web site
Dawn Hobbs
Santa Barbara News Press

A county prosecutor wants a former theater arts instructor accused of having sex with a 15 year old student put behind bars and his bail doubled because the 40 year old man allegedly posted the student's name on a Michael Jackson Web site.
Druyan Byrne, who is reprsented by one of Mr. Jacksons defense lawyers, has been circulating information since Sept. The information recently showed up on a fan Web site that monitors developments in the pop star's child molestation case. The Web site has been tracking activities of the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office. Senior Deputy District Attorney Ron Zonen, who is prosecuting Mr. Byrne, is also on the Jackson prosecution team.
The Web site asserts documents in the Byrne case "reveal a pattern of questionable tactics, witness intimidation, vindictive prosecution, jury pool tainting . . . by the same prosecutors and police who are currently trying to railroad Michael Jackson."
Information on that site contains portions of a transcript of the girl's testimony in March and her declaration to the defense in November 2003, in which she recants the allegations against her former teacher and mentor. The girls name had been deleted from those documents but appears in a link to her declaration on the Jackson Web site.
The girl testified again Oct. 7 that Mr. Byrne had instructed her on what to say during the first hearing and had previously "told her he would kill himself if his conduct with her was disclosed," according to the motion Mr. Zonen filed Tue.
The prosecutors request to place Mr. Byrne in custody and increase his bail from $50,000 to $100,000 came after he asked defense lawyer Robert Sanger on Oct. 7 to tell his client to remove the girl's namefrom the Web site within 24 hours or he would petition the court to revoke Mr. Byrne's bail. Later that day, Mr. Sanger notified Mr. Zonen that an e-mail was sent to the Web site requesting the girl's name be deleted.
Mr. Zonen also wants conditions attached to Mr. Byrne's increased bail, including that he not harass the girl or post anything that could identify her on the internet and that he not associate with anyone younger than 18.
Mr. Sanger said Wednesday he plans to file a response but declined further comment.
Mr. Byrne acknowledged distributing the information, but he told the News Press he does not recall sending it to that particular Web site. He also said he doesn't know how the girl's name was posted there.
Mr. Byrne has been free on bail since his arrest in Sept 2003 on suspicion of lewd conduct with the girl for allegedly fondling her breasts while he used the camera in his mobile phone to photograph her.
Authorities said that Mr. Byrne had the girl pose nude for him when she was 14 and had intercourse with her three times when she was 15. Mr. Zonen filed additional felony charges, including three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse and three counts of lewd acts.
A charge of sex with a minor was filed against Mr. Byrne for allegedly having intercourse with another young woman, a 17 year old former student whom he took nude photos of starting when she was 15.
Mr. Byrne has pleaded not guilty to all counts, but Mr. Zonen has suggested there's more to come. "There is independent evidence of sex with a third minor in the form of a videotape seized from his garbage. He faces more than six years in prison if convicted," he said.
The matter is scheduled to be heard Oct. 21 before Superior Court Judge George Eskin.
Mr. Zonen said Mr. Byrne showed up at an earlier hearing with an associate who wanted to videotape the hearing, claiming it was for a documentary. A judge denied his request. The prosecutor suggested the defendant was hoping to intimidate the girl by having her fear that her picture would be shown on the internet.
In Mr. Byrne's newsletter, he claims he is being wrongly prosecuted and announces the formation of a legal defense organization to "address the misinformation,rumors, incorrect and fabricated information that has been published in the press and to clarify the facts of the case."