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    Quote Originally Posted by Peliman View Post
    Another image of adam just posted. Getting a better idea what his appearance was like on the 30th.

    I HATE with a passion using peoples appearance in any way negatively, he's really creepy though! Maybe its his demeanor and mannerisms though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cazzie View Post
    Could be...if so, you can see her dark (dyed), shorter hair...

    This is probably why LE said that AM and the girls had been spotted in Guntown. Wonder if all 3 were with him?
    This little one seems in grossed in what he is doing.

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    JB's Aunt on HLN - AM and GB are BILs

    Quote Originally Posted by insatiable View Post
    Who are the sisters that AM and GB were married to? Was it Teresa and her sister? Or someone else?
    GOODMAN: Yes, Jo Ann`s husband, Gary, was married to Adam`s sister once upon a time, and that`s how Gary and Adam got to be such close friends. And they`re both mechanics. They both had a garage, working on vehicles and stuff together.

    And even after Gary and his wife divorced, Adam still hung around with Gary all the time and them working on vehicles and cars and stuff like that.


    The above transcript quoting JB's aunt, Beverly Goodman, contradicts media reports that AM and GB were married to sisters. Instead GB was married to AM's sister (GB and AM are BILs and older daughter staying with GB on the night before abductions is AM's niece).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backwoods View Post
    I saw one of the large billboards with this guy on it in Macon, GA today. They must really be getting his face out there big-time.
    I was out running errands at my lunch break today in Shreveport and saw 3 billboards in about 30 minutes and driving a total of about 6 miles, intown.

    I'd say the FBI wants this guy bad!

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    good place to view the video...I don't think the girl is one of the missing girls...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jen&jonhart View Post
    After watching the video, I don't think that girl is with him. She is buying separately her coke drinks and paying for them herself. She also has long hair in a pony tail.
    Just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
    iPad=no streaming. What's up? Should I try police scanner somewhere? Tia
    download Skyfire for iPad for streaming.

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    I am hoping that the girls consider the idea of faking an asthma attack.
    Obviously if Adrienne died from one, it isn't likely to work...

    But IF Adam does believe one or both girls are his biological child... delusional or not...
    If he believes the child is going to die in front of him... Maybe, just maybe he might take them to get help?
    Then they could alert someone at that point?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen730 View Post
    Now why is her haed hurting?
    Because she had a headache?
    I find it highly unlikely that she had been injured in the afternoon the day before she disappeared...
    Yet then was still tweeting for hours after that.

    I saw the tweets from the night before they disappeared, but the ones before THAT were more interesting to me.

    In the afternoon on 4/25 - Adrienne Bain - I could kill her!!!!

    Obviously I don't think she intended to kill someone.
    But I am curious about who she was angry at, that close to disappearing?

    She also did not seem thrilled about packing.
    Not sure if that was because she didn't want to move... or didn't want to pack.


    Quote Originally Posted by cluciano63 View Post
    Summer Inman? And that is not the only case where in-laws helped kill the wife or husband of their child...there was a woman in Indiana some years back, Karen Slover, and a man in Santa Barbara, both murdered with the help of their in-laws...
    Perry and Arthur March... Perry killed his wife and hid her body, told his Daddy all about it.
    The area he hid her body in was going to be developed and he was afraid she would be found.
    So he took his Dad to the area... and his DAD dug up his daughter's in laws body and disposed of her somewhere else.

    They arrested Perry for the murder without a body and he tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife's parents...
    While he was in jail, then he sued the pretend hitman.

    I had Powell family flashbacks the whole time I watched that case again recently.


    After seeing the posts on Teresa Mayes facebook... I have concerns that BOTH of them are going to use a medical/psych defense.

    He was having "heart issues" and could be on heart medication. "My heart or the drugs made me do it" defense there.

    She was on meds as well to keep her from "fussing and frighting."
    Hello "mental health" or "the drugs made me do it" defense.


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    He bought ONE soda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cocomod View Post
    If he was buying more than one "soda", that would lead us to believe that the girls are still with him and they are alive.
    He only bought one 20 oz drink. You can see it on the video.
    Just my opinion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen730 View Post
    Now why is her haed hurting?
    I sure don't know. I don't know why mine was hurting last week, either. It hurt so much that I felt like crying. I've had migraines since I was 9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lishac23 View Post
    IMO, the only technicality (SP) with this is the charges. TM was charged with Especially Aggravated Kidnapping (cause the younger girls are under the age of 13). She wasn't charged with accessory to murder after the fact, improper disposal of a body, etc. If AM confined them to the garage and held them against their will...then killed them or they died as a result, he could still be charged with kidnapping them (held against their will) but unless she helped confine them in the garage(which I thought I read somewhere she met them on the road somewhere) she can't be charged with their kidnapping if they were already dead. Unless TN/MS laws are different.
    The Affidavit says that Teresa:
    ...she did admit to agents from the TBI that she was involved with the removal and/or confinement of these 4 individuals from Hardeman County, Tennessee, in that she assisted by driving a vehicle containing victims from Hardeman County, Tennessee, to Union
    County, Mississippi.

    It's all very strange. And she is his ex-wife according to numerous websites.
    ...the humble opinion of Jo Schmo...0 number of Days Jury Deliberated for Caylee

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    The little girl in the video does seem to have extremely black hair (not natural black) and has the same part as Alexandra...also she bought two sodas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Portabella View Post
    I continue to hope the little ones are not knowing what happened to mom and older sis. I am scared from the most recent reports of the involvement of the wife and mother that they knew. I just know that those two little girls life literally depends on how they receive AM right now. I am hoping they have no clue and are feeding his fantasy of being their dad while buying time for LE to find them. If they are crying and screaming, I cannot help but think things will go south sooner than later....Just hoping so hard right now...IMHO
    I am also wondering if LE and the family kept quiet bc they knew AM had access to the car radio etc...and didn't want the girls to hear about their mom and sister. Perhaps once they knew he was on foot and didn't have a means of communication they began releasing information. May also be why some information implied that JB was not a victim...

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