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    Infant dies from brain injuries - Ethan Henderson

    My heart just breaks for what this little one suffered during his short life.
    Looks like he didn't stand a chance.

    The report quotes doctors saying Ethan had both old and new brain injuries. Doctors said he presented as a dirty child, with diaper rash, dirt under the nails of his fingers and toes and an unwashed belly button.

    The police affidavit prepared by Maine State Police Detective Lauren Edstrom in support of arresting Collins-Faunce describes in detail how Collins-Faunce apparently lost control, squeezing the child's head and throwing him into a chair so hard the infant's head snapped backward.

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    Under questioning by police, Collins-Faunce at first said the arm injury was an accident, that the baby's arm had been stuck between the crib and a protective bumper when he lifted him, snapping the upper left arm. Later he said he had intentionally twisted the boy's arm out of frustration because he was having trouble changing the baby's diaper.
    Quoted from link above

    Jesus, This poor baby is so much better off.

    Why are they only charging manslaughter and not murder?

    So very sad. RIP little one, your in a better place.

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    And it sounds like this POS will use every excuse in the book to try and get off the charges- previous physical and sexual abuse, alcohol, drugs,...
    Please help locate Mark Dribin and Ilene Misheloff and bring them home.

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    Why did I read this? I wish I didn't know such horrors exist in this world. I'm so sad I want to cry. I'm so mad I want to scream.

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    There are lots of links about this on from the beginning.

    Photo of the guy...

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    The perp's adoptive father's side of the story.

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    Ok i have to say that i am absolutely heartbroken. For his deceased son, to adoptive family, to the child's mother, and yes even the murderer. I believe in consequences for actions but still, i am broken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Jones View Post
    There are lots of links about this on from the beginning.

    Photo of the guy...

    Welcome to Websleuths, Jack Jones

    Thank you for those additional links. I have been reading them all. This one in particular touched my heart.
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean.
    We are all just trying to make sense of an unimaginable crime.

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    Poor little baby. Another preventable tragedy. I am surprised that in these media reports the words broken arm reported as accident by the father, Maine and DHHS warning alarms never appeared. I did go back to the Morning Sentinel to read some comments and very few people in Maine associated any of that with the little tot with the broken arm, (thanks to daddy) Ayla Reynolds. Have they forgotten about her already. No comments from DHHS, of course. No comment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donjeta View Post

    The perp's adoptive father's side of the story.
    Wow. What a heartbreaking (and at times beautiful) story. The adoptive parents sound like a dream come true to any child.

    I wonder if Gordon would have had a different ending had he not reconciled with his birth family.

    Thankfully the remaining infant is in protective custody.

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