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    Scared Sick: mystery illness strikes 30+ students at Tulsa jail "career day" visit

    Bell students visiting Tulsa Jail are OK after baffling illness
    "Bizarre" and "weird" - those are the words officials are using to describe a wave of nausea, headaches and vomiting that overtook dozens of Bell Elementary School students as they toured the Tulsa Jail on Thursday morning.

    Bizarre, weird and inexplicable - at least for now.

    "Everyone on that scene, including the Hazmat people, were scratching their heads," said EMSA spokesman Chris Stevens. "It's just the most bizarre thing I have been involved in, in some time."
    Tulsa Public Schools released a statement Thursday afternoon saying 53 sixth-grade students and five adults visited the jail Thursday as part of a Career Day field trip.
    much more at Tulsa World link above
    When FOX23 caught up with Hayden Hall at Bell Elementary Thursday afternoon, “I just got back from the OSU hospital."

    He had just been reunited with his mom Koren.

    “It’s more a shock than it is anything right now,” she said about her son’s mysterious illness.
    “I think the field trip became more than it was, I mean they had the whole scare tactic thing go on down there. I don't think any of the parents were aware that that was going to happen,” Koren Hall said.
    “(It was) scared straight day, it was no career day. They didn't hardly talk about our careers,” Hayden Hall told FOX23.
    more at Fox23.com link below, with video:

    Parents concerned after David L. Moss field trip

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    Interesting. Could have been psychosomatic. I do have to say, the few times I've been to one jail in the area, I have to breathe through my mouth very shallowly. It's near a sewage treatment plant, plus the smell of the jail - I gag. Terribly. It makes jail visits with clients super fun.
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    My bet would be on one student being sick and then an element of hysteria, exacerbated by them being so scared.
    Does that happen in the US, schoolkids being shown around prisons to scare them into being straight?
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    I thought hysteria first, too, but they said the air quality was compromised, so that would suggest something was released that shouldn't have been. Maybe an inmate in another part of the jail was being subdued with pepper spray or something, and it got into the ventilation system.

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    I don't see where it says they detected anything. It looks like they checked for carbon monoxide and didn't find it. I'd lean toward it being psychosomatic unless other evidence comes out. It'd probably be pretty easy to freak out being inside a jail.

    That's weird: "'"We've been told the jail doesn't have any gas running throughout the facility so right now the fire department is trying to determine what led to some elevated readings on our CO detectors,' TFD's Tim Smallwood said." So there WERE some elevated readings?!

    "Blood tests administered to the 20 students who were treated at the hospital Thursday showed that the students had been exposed to higher-than-normal levels of carbon monoxide, Smith said."

    How could it be carbon monoxide poisoning but they can't find the source? The bus comes out clean, they can't find anything at the jail. Creepy.
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    If I see someone throw up I will most assuredly will. I can see it in the movies and on TV and it not bother me, but let my dd throw up in front of me (from a stomach virus) and I'm done!

    When I was little we were taken to the local jail and shown how they fingerprint people, and what jail cells look like. I was 9 years old and it made a huge impression on me. I have never been to jail and have no intentions of going. I hope at least someone of them were scared straight.
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    Doesn't sound like a very fun field trip-- even without the barfing.

    Maybe they had to hang out for a while in a room without enough ventilation-- a group that size could very easily suck the air from an already stuffy environment. Plus, if they were nervous and hyper, it would occur even more easily. jmo

    Well, I'm sure it was memorable!

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    Career day is when different industries, employers, and agencies set up booths in a place and students visit and learn about different careers they may be interested in. I have never heard of having a career day in a local jail. And I grew up in Tulsa, FWIW.
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    Maybe the jail scared those children.

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