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    FL - Turnpike closed for 12 hrs - shooter walking down the middle of road

    I wasn't going to give this a thread (as this type of violent crime is almost daily down here )

    This happened yesterday. I got caught up in a bunch of LE heading for our turnpike entrance - screaming sirens and rubber - so I knew "something" was up.

    Once I got to a TV - it was all over every channel. Guy shot 2 LE (both are alive and going to survive - Thank the Lord). He was walking down the middle of the turnpike shooting at random!!!!! Scary stuff.

    Anyway - today I see this. Even the FEDS don't know who this guy is!!! Now, c'mon - really? I think that says a lot about how bad this guy is that even the FEDS don't know of him.

    So, that's what prompted me to start this thread. How can the FBI NOT KNOW who you are? And, how much does it take for you to stay under the radar of the FBI?

    Here's the link:


    you can read all past articles and everything else there.

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    At least he is "permanently" off the streets...I thought he had gotten away til I read the article. Thanks WOO.
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    If you click on the original link, he's been identified. He WAS David Edwin Bradley, 23, of Miami Gardens.

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